Digital marketing plays an important role in today’s digital world, maybe the most important role. To be successful in digital marketing you will need to have a particular set of skill that will allow you to grow further in the field. Brilliant marketer skills are important if you wish to work for a digital marketing agency. But that’s not the only skill you need to be successful.


In this article, we are going to discuss what skills you need to land a job at a digital marketing agency.

1. Social Media Ads Expertise

All new digital marketers should be well-versed in paid social media ad campaigns. Platforms such as Facebook are the most important for a company’s growth, and being an expert in Facebook ads is key. As a social media ads expert, you need to understand how Facebook’s analytics and insights work, how to create Facebook ads, how to experiment to get the winning combination by creating creative campaigns and images and have knowledge of the overall social media landscape.


2. Sales Skills

People that can sell something successfully are better marketers than they know. Sales skills are important if you want to land a job at a digital marketing agency. You will need to know how to engage with people and how to close deals successfully.

3. Objective Thinking

While digital marketers are some of the most hardworking and passionate people in the office, that passion can often cloud the judgment. Having a clear mind and having the ability to separate from work will allow you to focus objectively on what needs to be done and what works best.

4. The Ability to Execute

While an important skill a digital marketer should have is the ability to create engagement strategies that will drive CPC through the roof, an even more important skill is having the ability to execute that strategy. In the world of digital marketing, being up to date through new and innovative campaigns is extremely important. But what good is that if you cannot execute that strategy? Having the ability to execute a campaign requires strategic thinking, a lot of variation, and an analytical mindset.

5. Being Creative and Having Analytical Abilities

The world of digital marketing is all about analytics and creative thinking. While a trend with new digital marketers is to focus on one rather than both, we believe that is a mistake most digital marketers do from the start. As a digital marketer, it’s important that you bring both art and data to the table so that you can use analytics to your future campaigns through creative thinking and creative execution.


6. Likable Personality

A skill set that is different from most of the skills we’ve brought up on our list, but having a likable personality is a huge component of digital marketing. Because so many people in the industry are trying to connect with publishers, bloggers, influencers, journalists, etc, having a likable personality can go a long way into achieving that. If two people with same qualities are fighting for a job at a digital marketing agency, the agency will most likely hire the talkative and likable one rather than the one who is equivalent of talking to a brick.