It’s considered a general rule of thumb that the product packaging is just as important as the product itself. When it comes to brand impressions, the design of the mailing boxes can create a huge difference.

If we ask customers a few questions about product packaging, nine out of ten would buy the product with an attractive packaging design. This is because customers don’t know the quality of a product until they try it. But since no one wants to waste money, customers make the choice based on the packaging design.

But more importantly, we’re here to discuss the importance of custom mailing boxes for your brand. Custom mailing boxes usually refer to those boxes that are used to transport valuable and fragile goods across the country to their designated destination.

When it comes to custom mailing boxes, we could be talking about a host of features such as box size, paper stock, color, and even finishing details.

So without further ado, let’s find out how custom mailing boxes create brand impressions.


1. Personal Connection

Consumers always find ways to connect with the products they buy. But we mentioned how a customer would have no idea of what he’s buying unless he’s tried it. So that’s why it’s important for the product packaging, or the mailing box is as unique as it possibly can. Custom mailing boxes directly speak to the customer through the design which creates brand familiarity through time.

2. Color Improves Brand Extension

When it comes to custom design to any form of packaging box, the color plays a very important role in translating the message that your brand sends to its customers. Color psychology is something that big companies invest in a lot of money in. Some studies have found that colors tap into human psychology in different ways.

Black is a color that many brands use to communicate dependability, while orange is a color that reminds people to have fun. Purple is a color that strongly relates to royalty, and green gives people hope. These are some of the color schemes that customers associate to positively. According to IMColorPrint, if you want your message to be sent across, then you need to color customize your mailing boxes.


3. The Materials of the Boxes Also Play a Huge Role

We can safely assume that people are now turning more and more towards the idea of being green and ecological. This is why a lot of businesses have changed their packaging strategy and have moved away from the traditional use of materials that make up most of their boxes and packages. Nowadays, brands are using minimalistic and biodegradable packaging combined with effective, ecological, marketing to tap into the thing that people mostly care about – the environment. By being green and eco-friendly, your customers will think positively about your brand and will depict it in bright light. Being environmentally responsible is a strong strategy that most businesses try to utilize to the best of their ability. By customizing your mailing boxes with eco-friendly and biodegradable materials, you are effectively pushing for brand awareness.