Chinese giant DJI is mostly known for producing some of the best drones out there. However, Ronin SC is far from a drone. The latest gimbal from DJI comes in the form of a camera stabilizer, which is quite similar to the previous model the Ronin S.

But there is a clear difference as the Ronin SC is specifically built for smaller mirrorless cameras with the idea of being designed for content creators on platforms such as YouTube.

Accessories such as the Ronin SC were previously designed to be aimed at professional photographers with their big cameras. However, as cameras began to shrink with each one coming out smaller and smaller, gimbals also followed that trend. Excellent for mirrorless cameras, the Ronin SC will more than satisfy your camera needs.


Weighing at 2.7 pounds, without a camera attached, the SC is easy to use because of its lightweight and portable design. The SC is specially designed to be used in one hand, but you can attach the tripod and hold it for added support.

A small drawback is a fact that some, heavier, cameras can cause a few balance issues. Simply said, the SC is not designed to be used with larger and heavier cameras; it will not handle them well.

If you’re still determined to use a larger camera with the SC, then you would need to sit the camera fairly deep on the gimbal itself.

Camera Lenses, Compatibility, Design, and Features

Before we start if you’re looking for a more technical review of the Ronin SC, as well as, a place where you can purchase the gimbal then make sure to visit d1store.

Each gimbal has its own maximum payload and the SC’s is 4.4 pounds. Adding any more weight will throw the gimbal off balance. Your gear is most important before buying something like the SC, so we recommend you check the full camera and lens compatibility list before purchasing the SC.

The build of the SC is nothing short of breathtaking. The handle of the SC, the comfort while using, button layouts, focus motor, every single one of those things is perfectly designed and make sense. The SC does have a black matte finish, which can oftentimes be easily scratched up but looks brilliant, none the less.


The SC has the ability to lock all axes that can help you with balancing and transporting the unit. The SC’s own battery can be detached which ultimately helps with portability even more. On the subject of battery, DJI says that it can last up to eleven hours, which is one hour more than the previous model the Ronin S. DJI also says that the battery life depends on how well you balance the gimbal.

The SC supports several filming modes such as FPV, pan, tilt, and 360 rolls. It also has a bunch of other cool features that can be easily accessed through the Ronin app such as panorama and time-lapse mode, as well as, a few others that are unique to the SC.

The ones unique are, of course, Active Track, which is a feature popular with their drones, and Force Mobile.

The first one lets you lock onto a target such as a person or a vehicle, and the camera will follow that target. The second one allows you remote control of the gimbal using your phone, how cool is that?