Custom banners are an adaptable form of promotion that helps businesses increase customer conversions by spreading awareness of their products and services. In today’s advertising landscape, getting custom banners for your business requires keen attention to detail to gather the desired attention. An effective banner should be eye-catching, easy to read, and goal-driven; your target audience should instantly connect with your business.

With the right tips, creating a custom banner for your business can be an uncomplicated process. Familiarize yourself with the different sizes and their suitability for your desired outcome. Understand how to care for your vinyl banner and preserve it, then create a simple, catchy design.

Here’s everything you need to know about popular vinyl banner sizes.

Popular Vinyl Banner Sizes


There are several custom vinyl banner sizes and designs on the market. Finding the perfect one for your business will require you to consider some factors. Some come as a stand, while others can cover an entire wall.

Banners used in outdoor and open spaces are the most flexible regarding sizing. Most printing shops offer custom vinyl banners in various dimensions, from as small as 1’ x 1’ to 8’ x 20’.

Here’s how each might apply:

  • Small banners: These banners are great for businesses with small-scale events. They would be great for companies that are hosting a close-knit corporate event. Consider having multiple banners, setting them up, and spreading them across different locations in your venue.
  • Medium banners: These banners should be your go-to when you want a custom vinyl banner that is large enough to garner the attention of a mass of people.
  • Large banners: They have high visibility, making them an excellent choice for businesses launching a brand or product. Purchase a large vinyl banner to convey heavy text messages.
  • Double-sided banners: This type of banner is suitable for multidirectional brand promotions. Purchase a vinyl banner and print different messages on either side or have the same message on both sides to reach more people.

How To Care For Your Custom Banner


Vinyl is one of the most popular banner materials, and what’s not known to many is that there are different variations. The standard one is the tear-resistant 13oz that will last up to 5 years outdoors. The 18oz vinyl is a smoother and firmer alternative that is fungus and puncture resistant. When advertising outdoors, consider the 9oz. Mesh vinyl has little holes to prevent it from being blown away by strong winds.

Although the most popular vinyl banner sizes can withstand considerable wear and tear, proper care and maintenance can help it last longer. One of the simplest yet best ways of preserving them is by cleaning them regularly with mild soap and a damp cloth. Avoid chemicals like gasoline, alcohol, or acetone.

If you plan on reusing the vinyl banner, store it properly. Ensure that the surface it’s on is dry before you roll it up and place it inside the storage tube. Take the banner out at least once every three months to prevent dampness that eventually leads to mildew growth. If there are wrinkles on your stored vinyl banner, you can smooth it out by laying it out in the sun. Do not display or store the banner close to a heat source. Exposure to high temperatures can affect the ink and cause the vinyl to degenerate.

Tips When Designing Your Custom Banner


With the right approach, custom banners can be an excellent marketing tool. Here are a few tips to ensure you get the audience’s attention:

  • Identify a clear purpose: There are many popular vinyl banner sizes, but the suitability will depend on the goal. Some styles are better for short-term promotions or indoor use. Make a list of what you want to achieve through the banner, and it should guide you when choosing the size and style that suits you best.
  • Maximize on space: Bigger banners may not always be manageable, especially in public locations. Different neighborhoods have varying rules and permits. For legal safety, inquire about any necessary permits at least a month in advance. The same applies to indoor corporate events like conferences and trade shows where the attendees will get open booths.
  • Size limitations: Do not allow size limitations to bar your creativity. Tweak the elements of the design to achieve your goals still. If you want it to be legible from as far as 50 feet away, ensure the letters are at least 5’’. Keep the text short and only choose a font that is ready to read. When getting a design, always assume that the audience is constantly on the move.

Benefits Of Using Custom Banners As A Marketing Tool

Here are some of the top benefits of using custom banners as a marketing tool for your business.

They Are Affordable

Banners can easily fit a marketing budget and are easy to produce. Most digital marketing efforts today are expensive. It will immediately draw attention to your company without having to break the bank. The best part is their simplicity; you only need as little as your company name, trademark, slogan, and logo.

They Build Brand Awareness

Anyone who sees your banner immediately sees your business name and logo. They can build awareness amongst local customers and new audiences when you travel, during events, or trade shows.

Versatility And Durability

A custom banner is a one-off investment that will continue to market you without recurring costs. It’s a marketing tool that has stood the test of time and will stay in style. Popular vinyl banner sizes can serve you for years without requiring replacement.

Multipurpose Marketing Tool

Custom banners are not limited to a single event. Your business can repurpose them in grand openings, community events, product launches, open houses, parades, trade shows, and many more.

Invest In A Timeless Marketing Tool


They have always been and continue to be an easy and effective way to reach remote businesses. If you have been looking for a creative way to build brand awareness and draw attention to your business without breaking the bank, consider printing a custom banner. Remember, the most straightforward tools create the most long-lasting impressions, so create a catchy-simple design.