Storing your precious personal data on your desktop or laptop computer is something everyone does. However, not everyone thinks enough about protecting their files and recovering them safely.  Any OS or hard drive is prone to corruption in many forms, so you will need a trusty and well-made recovery wizard software to help you. One such solution is EaseUS. The software is gaining recognition and customers all over the world, and you can check it on this site Before that, make sure to read all of the positive ratings and reviews online to get a clear picture of how useful it can be.


It is not easy to recover data once it is corrupt from a virus or as a result of hacking. With this software, however, it is quite easy to restore what was lost. The software will select the location where the data was lost right after you launch it, and begin scanning the computer. You are able to pause and resume this. It will recover all of the data you lost without any trouble. The program is very user-friendly as well.

What is it?


It is a data recovery program. It utilizes a Wizard, which is a type of software, which has a user interface through which it guides users through the whole data recovery process. Both free and paid versions are available for Windows and macOS platforms, and of course, the ones that are free have much fewer options and safety features. The software was first launched on October 1, 2005. It is available in 20 languages for Windows, and 10 for macOS.

Recovery process

When some of your data is deleted from the storage devices, what is also removed are the references to the data from the directory structure. This free space can then be overwritten or used with some new or different files from the computer. However, the deleted data itself is not removed from the physical drive in your computer right away. Often, it still exists but it is now in the form of a certain number of fragments that are disconnected one from another. As long as you do not overwrite it, it is salvageable.


EaseUS operates in the following way. It scans the disks in two different ways in succession and looks for the data that has been lost. The first way is based on the file directory, and it scans the file delivery and recovers deleted or emptied data. The file record and all of the connected content are intact here. The second one is based on the storage container, and this method searches each sector of the storage container to recreate the original files. This takes much longer and does not retain original names or folder structures of the files. The data that has been discovered can be filtered and searched for particular files. Users are allowed to preview all of the files before recovering any of them.

You can also create bootable media with USB drives or external hard drives and recover data when your OS does not or fails to boot.

All in all, this is extremely useful software. If this sounds like something you need, try a free version of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. If you like it and it proves useful, you should definitely upgrade to a paid version.