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If you are running a business in which you are required to produce heat for any purpose, chances are that about ninety percent of that heat is going to waste after you complete your task. In order to avoid this from happening, inventors came up with something that is called an Industrial waste heat recovery system.

Today we’re talking about this and we’re also going to give you a few tips on why you should consider implementing it in your workflow. If you are interested in learning more, feel free to continue reading until the end. Let’s take a look.

What is a waste heat recovery system?

A waste heat recovery system is a system that’s designed to store about ninety percent of all the heat that would otherwise go to waste. The process is done by the system continuously converting the waste heat which gets extracted from the flue gasses and then converting it into hot water. This system is implemented in the flue gas chimneys, according to

Usually, the exhausted flue gas will have a very high temperature of one thousand degrees, or sometimes even more, but they can be cooled down to thirty or sixty degrees depending on what you need.

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The unit works by transferring the air into a medium, like water, oil, metal or air, which then can be used by a central heating system for heating up offices or homes. There are many facilities which are responsible for this, and they would be glad to purchase your waste heat for a good price. There are entire businesses revolving around something like this, and you can be a part of it by doing something which is very economical and even earns some money in the process.

Why should I use a waste heat recovery system?

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Well, if you are already spending a lot of money producing heat, why let it go to waste after you make it? About ninety percent of all heat that you produce can be saved and used for something that’s very useful, such as having hot water in your home or even heating up your entire place without having to pay for extra electricity.

Is the investment worth it?

Not only that the investment is really worth it, but the best thing about it is also that after just two years, sometimes even less, the investment completely pays off, and from there on you’re basically making a profit. How? Well, if you use your extra waste heat for home purposes, you are saving a lot of electricity. Or, if you don’t want to do that, you can always sell it to a nearby facility that’s responsible for heating or something similar. You can start earning money by preventing something that you’ve created go to waste. How cool is that?

The “Green Pass”

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A lot of people will have more respect for your business if you care about the environment, and believe it or not, by using a waste heat recovery system you are basically recycling, and this will earn you the “Green Pass”. As each year goes by, more people become aware of the need for recycling, so this is your chance to prove yourself to others as someone who cares.