For most businesses email verification is a very important service that allows them to grow their email lists.

For those who don’t know, an email is a valuable form of digital marketing that has insane reach, much better reach than most social media platforms.

Furthermore, email is one of those platforms that drives the most traffic to your website by improving engagements and generating clicks.

The reason as to why people use email as a form of digital marketing is down to the fact that people subscribe to your email lists willingly to get the latest updates surrounding your business.

But in order for you to use email to drive traffic and generate business, you need to create an email list. And we do that successfully by using email verification services.

What is Email Verification?

Email verification is the simple process of validating the accuracy and quality of an email address, which is then used to separate those addresses that are safe and unsafe to send emails.

Email verification uses validation tools that check whether or not the address name’s syntax is safe to deliver emails. If the tools find no errors whatsoever, then the address in question is safe, and you can add it to your email list.


Benefits of Email Verification

There are many benefits to email verification, but we’re going to tell you the most important ones. If you want to know about all of the benefits of email verification, then you can learn more here.

1. Delivers Accurate Data

To succeed in digital marketing, you need high-quality data to back up your digital marketing campaigns. One way that email verification works is by validating the accuracy of your data. This means that you will work with high-quality, accurate data every time you send an email to your mailing list.

2. Reduces Email Bounce Rate

Email verification serves the sole purpose of determining which address is deliverable and which is undeliverable. It also determines the nature of an address, whether the address is role-based on accept-all. This information is very important for your bounce rate as you can choose which addresses to remove from your mailing list, subsequently reducing the email bounce rate altogether.


3. Saves Money

Storing and sending emails costs you valuable money, so one way to save money is to clean your mailing list. By using email verification, we are effectively cleaning our mailing list form those addresses that aren’t safe to send. With clear first-hand data, we know which addresses aren’t what they seem to be, and we’re making our business safer. Sure, your email list will shrink, but it promotes safety and it also saves you money.

4. Accurate Campaign Insight

Email verification offers you valuable and accurate campaign insights by cleaning up those addresses that are deemed not safe to send. What we’re left with them are addresses that are real and can be deliverable whenever we send an email. Every click, every action, every engagement is real, accurate, and reliable for you to study in further campaigns. If your previous email campaign has had poor engagements, then why not change things up by studying the valuable campaign insight that email verification provides you with?