Have you ever had that awful situation where you have worked tens or even hundreds of hours on a very important project for your home, yourself or for your job and you suddenly can’t seem to find it?

Or maybe the computer, laptop or any other device you have been working on has stopped working? Before you panic, first check if everything is plugged in the device, if there is enough battery or if the display cable is properly seated in the port of the computer or laptop. If you are in luck, then you will probably resolve this kind of issue with an easy fix, however, if you find out that the hard disk on your computer cannot be accessed or have been deleted then there are other solutions you must consider.

The first thing you must understand if you never want to lose your files again is that you have to keep backups of your most important files all the time. Whether the backup is on another hard drive, SSD or even on a cloud, it doesn’t matter, just make sure you have one.


However, you are probably here reading this article because either you have never done a backup of your files or you do not have access to it right now, so it’s not important at the moment. What’s important is that there are quite a few things you could do to recover all or most of your lost/deleted files.

The first solution that comes to our mind is recovery software you can find online. Keep in mind, most of this software are paid and can be pretty expensive, although there are free ones too.

Before we start telling you about the best software you could use to save your lost files is that you should stop using the computer you deleted your files on. Because the more you use it, the smaller are the chances anything can be recovered, so the best thing you could do is completely shut it down and plug it off the wall.

Check out if you are looking for a reliable data recovery software.

Here are some of the best recovery software you can easily find online.

Wise Data Recovery


If you are looking for software that doesn’t ask for a beefy computer and no advanced knowledge on this topic, then Wise Data Recovery is a great choice. This software does not ask you to customize any complex settings, so you will be fine using it if it is your first time.

UnCutData Recovery

While this one is a paid software, it is probably the most reliable one too. So if you want to increase your chances of getting your important documents back, we recommend that you check out UnCutData’s recovery options. You should ask yourself if the documents you lost are worth spending money on.

EaseUS Data Recovery


This recovery software is as easy as point and click. Just check the drive or partition your lost your files on and it will start working on it. However, the free version of this software has a maximum recovery limit of just 2GB which might not be enough for your situation.