If you’re a business owner in an industry that utilizes heat energy, then chances are you’ve heard the term “heat recovery” at some point.

Heat recovery is a process of utilizing wasted heat and redirecting it into various other processes of your business. Heat recovery is managed by heat recovery systems, which are implemented into facilities or warehouses. These systems can be extremely beneficial to your facility or warehouse and if you’re not familiar with it, then we’re going to discuss it in this article.

What is Industrial Heat Recovery Systems?

Industrial heat recovery is a practice of capturing hot gasses while exiting industrial equipment such as furnaces, oxidizers, turbines, gasifiers, etc and redirecting it into various other processes of your facility or warehouse. 


Why is Industrial Heat Recovery Important?

Industrial heat recovery systems are widely used throughout multiple industries and for good reasons as well. Industrial heat recovery is simply recycling expelled heat and energy that would otherwise be wasted. It has a huge impact on businesses and industries for multiple reasons such as:

  • Increased Efficiency

The biggest benefit of industrial heat recovery is the fact that it increases efficiency in large manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and production plants. These systems are key for maintaining efficiency throughout various processes and can have a huge impact on both an industrial level, and on a larger scale.

  • Resource Efficiency

With such limited resources available to us, having the ability to replenish what we use is something that every industry and business look for. Well, businesses can be ensured resource conservation through the use of heat recovery systems that eliminate the use of another heat source. This is very important for any business, but especially large scale businesses.

  • Reduction of Wasted Heat

A lot of industrial processes contribute to the production of waste. While producing waste is ultimately inevitable, wasted heat can be recycled and used again for other purposes. This makes a significant impact on your business when it comes to reducing and utilizing the production of wasted heat. 

How Will Your Facility Benefit From Industrial Heat Recovery


According to Exodraft – Heatrecovery, flue gasses are emissions that escape from pipes and chimneys from manufacturing facilities, production plants, and various other factories. Flue gasses are the result of wasted heat mixed with air, but the brilliant thing is that it can be harnessed and not wasted.

There are many ways that your facility can benefit from the use of industrial heat recovery systems, and some of those include:

  • Lowers Operating Costs

With facility owners constantly looking for ways to lower operational costs and expenses, one way to do it is to use industrial heat recovery systems. Not only does it lower operating costs but it increases profitability, which ultimately the desired wish for business owners.

  • Lowers Energy Consumption

Implementing such systems can lower energy consumption by a lot through the frequent recycling of wasted heat and redirecting it into various other processes and applications that can use the wasted heat as a power source.

  • Lowers Dangerous Environmental Emissions

Heat recovery helps energy consumption and lowers operating costs, but another thing that it benefits is the environment. Wasted heat and flue gasses and dangerous emissions for the environment, and some are even dangerously toxic. Instead of incinerating before releasing into the atmosphere, waste recovery systems can redirect them in a way that further helps your facilities’ productivity.