Going away on a business trip is a great way to travel because it is usually completely free of any sort of charge on your end. Since it is a company and work related matter, your employer covers the expenses so you do not have to worry about accommodation, travel fees, and perhaps even the costs of living once you get to your destination. While we would all like to only travel for leisure, going away on a business trip has its fair share of positive sides.

Of course, the destination plays a big part in how fun the whole trip will be. It matters a lot where the conference or meeting is as you do not really prepare the same for a neighboring country and a trip across the ocean. Speaking of going across the pond, some of the favorite business trips for most workers is the one to the United States of America.

The USA is arguably the most popular country in the world, at least in terms of how much you hear about it. On top of that, the 50 states have so much to offer and it is usually an exciting time when you get to travel there. With all of this in mind, right here in the article we will tell you about the most important things you have to know before you plan a business trip to the US of A.

1. Authorizations and Applications


First and foremost, you will have to worry about the USA ESTA application, which stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization. When you have a trip to America to plan out, among the most important things to consider is your visa application and various other authorizations that exist.

There are different types of visas to get and various regulations to be approved before you get the clearance to go. Even if you are only stopping there for a connecting flight or flying over the USA, you need a special permit. To learn more about all of this and how best to deal with the ESTA, make sure to check out Esta.Click.

2. Consider the State


As you know, the USA consists of 50 member states and each one is a little bit different. This makes the country one of the most exciting and fun to experience because it really matters if you are going to the east or the west, the north or the south, or somewhere between the four. Most of the business trips have New York, Washington, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, or Miami as their destinations. These are the most popular cities as well as the commercial centers of the USA.

There is a good chance that your company collaborates with a partner with headquarters in one of these iconic places. However, you could be traveling to a lesser-known state you know nothing about, not even where exactly it is on the map. It is prevalent that you think about the state and do some research about it. Educate yourself on the culture there, tradition, as well as the weather conditions. Also, check the best tourist spots to visit in your free time.

3. Beware of the Food


This is not mean to sound like a warning, but rather as a precaution. The USA is a complicated place for foreigners especially if you are from a country where people deeply care about eating healthy and cooking most of their meals. Europeans usually struggle with food and it does not take them long to miss their cuisines. America is a fast and hectic place, with vast cities and busy schedules.

People tend to eat off their feet and carry lunches with them all the time. If you are used to eating lunch at home, it will take you a few days to get used to. The terms “lunch” and “dinner” also tend to differ, virtually from place to place depending on the schedule and tasks at hand. Some places have a lunch break at 10 AM, while people often refer to the 4 PM meal after work as dinner.

According to FamilyDestinationsGuide, breakfast is not really a thing if you are busy, since a large coffee and a pastry as you barely manage to get through traffic on time is all you can get. It would be smart to explore food options in your neighborhood before you get there, especially if you are a foodie who likes to enjoy every bite you take. Lastly, do not forget about their tipping culture!

4. Polite Social Interactions


A part of the cultural shock for most people when they come to America is how polite the Americans seem to be in their daily exchanges. They usually have a smile on their face and they seem overly excited and polite when they talk to you. Even the smallest of exchanges will end with a “thank you” even if they are the ones who did something for you. This is how they operate and talk and it is a normal thing, albeit one that takes some getting used to for foreign workers.

It takes a while before you learn how to behave like that since it does seem like playing a part and acting it out. Remember that it is almost synonymous with the American English and the demeanor it comes with. You cannot separate the language from the culture, and the best thing to do would be to try to fake it until you make it. It quickly becomes second nature, trust us.

5. Moving Around


Last but not least, we have to talk about the sheer size of America and how tough it tends to be to get around it. The cities are simply huge, much bigger than what you are probably used to, and there is no way you can your it or reach far ends of it without wheels. This is why most people spend hours each day in public transport, mostly the metro.

Additionally, if you are considering a more permanent move to the United States, explore options like the EB1 Green Card for a pathway to residency.

Taxis and buses are also a viable option. If you do not mind driving, the culture of car rentals is big in the USA and it may be the best course of action in your case. Of course, it is again very important where you will be staying as the traffic jams in some cities during rush-hours can truly be unbearable and make you late no matter how early you left. Americans love driving and it is something to make peace with while there.