Barcelona – a city where dreams, history, and culture come together in a beautiful union. However, the city of Barcelona has also started being known for its continuously growing business sector. Barcelona has started seeing large numbers of businessmen visit its city for business purposes and to attend the various conferences held there.

The frequency of business visits has made Barcelona into something of a business hub that attracts business visitors from all across the world to arrange client meetings with prominent business owners. Companies are also known to send their employees to attend the various business conferences held there to check out how other companies in the industry are progressing and what marketing policies they have adopted.

If you too are planning to visit Barcelona for a business trip, then congratulations, because there isn’t a more perfect place to convene business meetings than the heart of Barcelona. That being said, if you are planning to visit Barcelona for a business trip, there is nothing wrong with having your own fun time on the sidelines as long as you comply with company policy.

According to, every Barcelona visitor, especially young and famous on tour, should definitely visit the Barcelonian sea in a Catamaran. There are also several other things here that can be done for fun. That being said, how exactly do you manage to do all these things? What preparations should be made?

This can be particularly befuddling for individuals who are planning a business trip for the first time. However, that should be the least of your worries! Because in this article we will tell you several tips and tricks that will help you plan the most successful business trip to Barcelona. Read the article till the end so that you don’t miss out on any detail!

1. Ensure that your travel arrangements are in proper order


Firstly, go through your company’s business travel policy to ensure that you know what rules and regulations are supposed to be followed by you. After all, it is a business trip. Having excessive luxuries of your own that are against company policy can land you in big trouble. That being said, as long as you comply with company policy, nothing is stopping you from having some fun of your own.

You need to ensure that you look at hotels and places to stay beforehand. Depending on when the meeting is, you should ensure that your flight lands at Barcelona’s airport and give you ample time for rest and preparation. Look at routes and traveling options beforehand. Barcelona has a number of cab services and even public transportation is efficient and cheap. However, you might face some delay in getting either of those when the city is at peak rush hour.

2. Always prefer a hotel that fulfills your business needs


While choosing a hotel to stay in for your business trip, one of the most primary aspects you should consider is the distance between the hotel’s location and the place where you will convene a meeting with your client. If they are too far away, you will end up losing precious time traveling to, and from, the meeting.

The most ideal location would be somewhere that is relatively close to the meeting place, but not too far away from the city’s center in case you need to travel to other conferences as well.

You can also consider choosing a hotel location that’s near public transport stops like a metro station or a bus stop if you are looking to attend the various conferences around Barcelona. Having transport in close proximity will help you get from one point to the another faster and ‘B Hotel’ is a preferable option for this.

3. Prioritize your first impression on the client


First impressions are crucial, more so when convening a business meeting with a significantly reputed client. Not only does this consist of your own personal etiquette, manners, and style, but also how friendly, respectable and polite you are.

If you are traveling to Barcelona for a business trip, take some time out and learn the local Catalan language. Not only will it impress your client, but also show that you respect their culture and heritage. Besides, it will help you gain favors with locals as well as you travel around the city.

Another crucial aspect of impressing your client is by ensuring you dine in the finest Barcelonian hotels and restaurants, especially if your meeting has gone on for the entire day. A fine dinner at luxurious hotels like Hoffman can finish the meeting on an excellent note making your client and your company both happy.

4. What to do in your leisure time


It’d be a criminal sin if you were to visit Barcelona just for business purposes and not visit the various beautiful sights in the city nor try out the succulent varieties of Catalan food. Barcelona hosts a number of beautiful bars that offer an amazing view of the city. If you prefer, and your company allows, spending your night away drinking, then there are various nightclubs and wineries around the city where you can spend your time doing just that.

When you wake up, you can visit the several different attractions of Barcelona that make the city so beautiful. The first one on the list would be of course the glorious beaches that line Barcelona’s landscape. Relaxing on the warm sands with the shore’s cold waters bouncing on your feet is many people’s idea of a relaxing trip in Barcelona.

Alternatively, you can visit the various architectural and historically rich sites around the city. The city’s center itself is a beautiful place with amazing architecture! You can go around the city exploring the various neighborhoods of people who call the city their home. With countless eateries around the street, each offering unique flavors and foods, there is literally no limit to the experiences the city of Barcelona offers to its travelers.


There are several crucial aspects that go into planning a successful business trip to Barcelona, and we hope this article was insightful regarding just that. If it was, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.