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Language translation involves the translation of text and words from one language to another. The use of translation services is very crucial for the growth of any business organization. There are several languages spoken globally, and no one can speak or write all languages, hence the influx of translation services in the world.

Languages such as English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German, and Arabic are widely used in the world both at a business or individual level.

Translation services are critical to the growth of any corporate organization. An organization can benefit immensely form translation services. A firm can benefit from translation services like effective communication, international reach, and high accuracy of information dissemination to a broader mass. Equally, a company stands to gain from a cheap means of expanding your business as it can use technology to grow and reach targeted clients.

The following are the top language translation service providers in the US:

1. TransPerfect

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TransPerfect is probably the top translation service provider in the world. Headquartered in New York US, with over 90 offices spread across the six continents, it arguably one of the best language translators in the world. The company meets stringent quality assurance certification from ISO and her translations experts, which must undergo rigorous linguist certification such as native-level proficiency in the targeted language, and rigorous educational qualifications. It must have demonstrated expertise in their area of specialization and completion of intensive writing and subject testing.

Investing in TransPerfect for your translation services is worthwhile since their expert qualifications and experience guarantee quality service.

What makes this company lead the pack includes; capability to translate over 170 languages. They boost over 5000 native-speaking linguists, language expertise, language certification program, and ISO quality assurance certifications.

2. Day Translations

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This is a global translation company that ranks among the top translation service providers. The company has her branches spread across the major cities of the US, and globally it has a presence across all the continents. The company stands tall amongst its competitors because its services are provided all round the clock. Also, this makes them favorites amongst their peers. Since they operate 24/7, their professionals can adjust to suit your translation needs at any given time.

It boasts of certified and dedicated professionals that meet your deadline. It also and have the capacity to translate all the major global languages at a pocket-friendly fee. Being an active and accredited member of the American Translators Association gives them an edge over her competitors.

The firm’s translation mantra, humans, understands humans, resonates so well with her clients. The company believes that human-powered translations are the only way to comprehend a person’s intentions, tone of voice, and the purpose of the translation.

Their translation services include legal translation, voice over services, technical and scientific interpretations, and website translations, amongst other translation services

3. Mars Translation

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Regardless of the stiff completion in the translation services industry, Mars Translation has managed to distinguish herself from its competitors. It has over eight global offices from California in the US, China, and India, amongst others.

At Mars Translation, they provide world-class professional services and produce the best for the valued customers. Among the attractive features of this company includes;

Pocket-friendly rates designed to accommodate the needs of her customers, and from a fee of $ 0.05/ word, any business can follow their dreams reaching the global audience.
You can be guaranteed of quality service at a faster speed since their top-rated professionals only handle your tasks.

Also, they can go the extra mile in case of an emergency to ensure that they deliver quality service.

4. Pangeanic

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Technology is quite useful in this era, it solves many problems, and this company has come up with computer-assisted tools that have significantly reduced customer translation costs. Also, technology improves accuracy and consistency. At, valuable professional translation services offered to any interested party to know more about language translation.

Although based in the US, it is a fast-growing industry that already has a client-based spread worldwide. It provides translation services to both business and personal use. The translational services cuts across the board, ranging from document to video translations.

The company employs native professional speaking translators, who ensure that you get reliable and proficient services.

5. Trusted Translations

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If you are looking for guaranteed quality service at a fair cost, look no further than Trusted Translations, Inc. Based in South Florida US, it has a presence in all the major cities in the US, Europe, and the vast Latin American.

With over 15 years’ experience and a team of qualified professionals, the company specializes in complex and high-volume translations. You cannot go wrong by investing in them, with over 5000 clients globally ranging from Government institutions to private and Not for Profit organizations so that you can expect nothing but the best.


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Business growth requires adequate preparedness to ensure that the products and services reach the increasing client base with the proper quality. To be able to achieve this, it is important to localize your content in order to appeal to the target market segment. Language translation is an important component of this localization effort since it communicates uniquely and personally to the target customers.

Therefore, you should enlist a professional language translation services like Language Wire,  Pangeanic Translation Services, Fast Translator, or CQ Fluency, among others. This will help you to communicate effectively as you grow your business today. Translation services are a crucial aspect of the growth of any business organization looking to expand its services globally. Before investing in any company for translation service, conduct some research on the service providers to ensure you get quality service.