International business travel differs from most leisure travels because the primary motivation is not taking a break from your everyday life. The nature of the travel means that the planning is different, and it mostly includes a flight itinerary, what to pack for scheduled meetings, and researching the culture of the host country, amongst other things.

Taking a business trip to Nicaragua is different because the country is not on most bucket-lists for the best places to visit. It’s not that there is anything wrong with Nicaragua; it’s just that the competition is too immense.

You’ve come to this article because you have a planned business trip to Nicaragua, and we’re going to tell you everything to know to make this journey a success.

1. Nicaragua Travel Itinerary


A good international business travel itinerary reflects what you hope to achieve in the host country. A business trip means that you should always have the business aspect at the front, and spare anytime left for exploring.

This is why we always recommend you book your business appointments well in advance. We also suggest you have two or three appointments per day, which will leave you time to do some sightseeing later. Taking care of business is crucial because it’s productive and it keeps you flexible. With a well-planned itinerary, you won’t have to worry about sticking to a crowded schedule that forces you to jump from one meeting to another.

When planning this side of the trip, always calculate for unexpected problems such as transportation delays, or other opportunities that emerge such as an emergency lunch with a client/ future business partner.

2. Booking Accommodations

Every trip requires you a place to stay, and this is a major part of any business travel. Looking for accommodations should be right up there on your list, and thorough research needs to be done to find the one that most suits you.

When planning for business trips, it’s advised that you look for accommodations that are close to where you will be conducting your meetings. So naturally, the location is very important. Another important thing to look for when looking for accommodations is the quality of the accommodations. To find some of the best ones for your business trip to Nicaragua, we suggest you visit

3. Research the Culture


Whenever you’re visiting a foreign country, it’s advised that you do some digging into the culture of the country. This is even more important if the purpose of your trip is conducting business.

You would want to impress and leave a good impression on your soon-to-be associates, so it’s best that you research stuff like customs, use of names and titles, social occasions, small talk, and to look out for stuff that can offend them. We would advise that you focus heavily on this one because each country is different from the rest when it comes to conducting business.

4. Learn the Native Language

While not entirely important, but it’s considered impressive if you show up to your business meeting and greet them in their native language. You might not be good at it, but any business associate will appreciate the sincere attempt.

Some of your associates might not be comfortable speaking English, so you can try and learn a few phrases that will help ease off the pressure. There are dozens of apps out there that can help you learn basic Spanish, the native language of Nicaragua, such as Duolingo.