People are moving from their country to another for a job pretty often, and that’s not something new in the world. The United States, Canada, Germany, countries in Scandinavia – these countries all look like the promised lands for those who come from developing countries and have a better vision for their future.

Migration for work is a common concept, since international companies open offices worldwide and they embrace the people to work for them too, and even relocate due to job requirements. And while some people won’t ever move from their country, others can’t wait to have that chance. If you are planning to embrace the American dream, then you need to have a plan for what you want to do.

It’s not that simple as packing your things up and getting on a plane, because there are many other things to do, depending on where you come from and where you want to go. The US economy is still growing, even though in the last year and a half we have all lived in a time of the pandemic.

So, if you are looking for a job in the States, maybe you first need to decide which state is the best for you. You know, the USA is more than New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Check if your industry is covered there, so you won’t have to look for other options. In this article, we will collect the best states to look for a job in 2024, and hopefully, you will find something that works nicely for you.

1. Colorado


If you are an expert in leisure, hospitality and trade, or transportation, and utilities, you have a lot of chances to find a job in Colorado. Also, they hope there will be more open job positions until the end of 2024, so you will surely find something that is good for you. Other industries that always need a person more are tourism, medicine, and education.

People there live a comfortable life, earning higher than average annual salary per household. Also, Colorado is one of the US states with the lowest unemployment rate, which is another thing to consider if you want to move there.

2. Vermont


In the state of Vermont, you can enhance your career and even learn new skills, as you have plenty of job options covered. As of 2024, their most wanted profiles are human services, business operations, IT, administrative support, office assistants, healthcare providers, maintenance, and of course, education, especially science and math. That’s great coverage, and if you think it’s the right time to work in the USA, Vermont can be a nice start for you.

3. Hawaii


The beautiful islands are a part of the United States too, and they are popular for tourists, but also for those who want to relocate and work there. It’s a paradise, and no matter how many years you work there, it’s surely one of the places you want to spend your retirement years.

No matter how many people go there, there will always be open job positions in hospitals, for medical staff, dentists, but also special healthcare providers, teachers, engineering, agriculture, and architecture. Also, they often hire people at the airport, and surely you will have a great chance to find a job as a pharmacist, or veterinary doctor too. You can learn more about the options you have at

4. Ohio


Ohio is one of the top states with the best job market in the United States. They have a low unemployment rate, but also they often have plenty of job positions open, especially in healthcare, pharmacy, education, marketing, construction, software development and IT, and many other options you can consider as a chance to move there and start a new life from the beginning.

5. Utah


If you are looking for a state that respects the rights of the workers, provides great care for them, and has a low unemployment rate of less than 3% of the adult population, then Utah is the best place for you. Every hour you work there is appropriately paid. Mostly, Utah needs people who are experts in human resources, marketing, software engineering, sales, and education. But, every profile can find something appropriate for them.

6. Washington


It’s not that easy to find a job in Washington, but if you do, you can be sure that you got one of the best-paid ones. Their most anticipated industries are agriculture, food manufacturing, IT, aerospace, journalism, healthcare providers, and surely, education, but also web developers, hardware engineers, opticians, and security technicians. So, if you think you can do that, it’s worth applying for a job in the Capital of the United States.

7. Nebraska


The biggest industries in Nebraska are tech, tourism, and transport, but also you can find open job positions in food delivery, retail, truck drivers, customer service, housekeeping and maintenance, healthcare, and education. You can start your plans to move to the state with one of the lowest unemployment rates today.

What to do before you move?

First, you need to be in contact with the company and see what they offer. For their international employees, they often offer some benefits of using apartments, until they find their home. It’s scary to even think about moving abroad for work, but you need to be sure everything is covered before you arrive there.

Also, if your profession allows you to work remotely, you can consider embracing that chance too. Moving abroad for work is a huge step to take, it’s risky, scary, stressful, but many people are already doing that – so why don’t you try it? Once you are there, you can also look for more options, so you can earn more money and have a comfortable life there.

Don’t be afraid to take that big step, if you think that’s the chance for you to finally be happy and encouraged to be better at what you do. People are moving every day, and they live their best life – and that can be your life in just a few months too.