We’ve all heard the stories that emerge from companies like Facebook and Google, specifically the ones that brag how brilliant it is to work for. From having bean bags to chill on, to playing PS4 with your coworkers, to working on various team projects, working at Facebook certainly is… amazing. Since 2004, Facebook has been the most desired place to work. Their objective is to connect people not only on their platform but also in the workplace.

Based in Menlo Park, California, Facebook has more than 10.000 employees working for the social media giant. And they’re not all based in sunny California. They have offices all around the world and each one is better than the last. With a 4.5 rating on Glassdoor, Facebook listens to what their employees want and need. Facebook certainly sets its standards higher than most companies, especially tech companies.


But there are a host of other perks that show how brilliant is to work for them. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the benefits that come with the job.

1. The Perks

Most impressive is the 401k matching, the food, the paternity leave… the list goes on.

Facebook employees say that the food is so good, that you can eat whatever you like. Is your heart set on a nice burrito or salad? They have it all and some even say that you can eat 30 days straight and never eat the same thing twice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Working at Facebook means that both new moms and dads get equal time off to take care of their newborns. The maternity and paternity leave programs allow you to take 4 months of paid leave!

2. The People Who Work With You

Mark Zuckerberg certainly is a man you would want to work for. With a 98% approval rating from his employee, Marks dedicates time each week so that he can openly speak with his employees about things that bother them and want to be changed.


Another important element is for workers to want to work with each other. Having friendly co-workers is something that Facebook takes great pride in. Some employees would go as far as to say that Facebook has some of the most talented people in the industry.

3. The Working Environment

Facebook’s headquarters and campus allow you to be yourself. The food is amazing (as we touched upon earlier), the offices are fun and you can never be bored at work. But the thing that separates Facebook from other companies is the culture. With so many employees from different backgrounds and parts of the world, Facebook has a work environment that allows you to be yourself. What’s more impressive is that it doesn’t matter where you’re from or who you are, as long as you work hard and continue to impress, you will have opportunities to grow.


4. The Salary

So, we’ve talked about how great the CEO is, how great the offices are, the food, and how great the paternity and maternity leave is…what about the salary? There are more than 870 different jobs that you can take at Facebook. But what are the highest paid ones? Well, a software engineer at Facebook makes around $125.000 a year, while a product designer earns $135.000, and a product manager around $147.000!

The Conclusion

If Facebook is one of your favorite apps to spend most of your time on, it will certainly be your favorite place to work. As much as 91% of Facebook employees have openly said that they would recommend working at Facebook to a friend.