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Modern means of getting the name of your business out there and gaining recognition for your brand is all about the digital world and the internet. No longer are newspapers and TV ads the best places for advertisements, nor are physical ads and billboards around town. While they cannot hurt and while it can be said that some exposure is better than no exposure, you will hardly be doing enough if you rely solely on the old ways of marketing.

Instead, you need to take full advantage of the modern trends and utilize social media for your marketing efforts. This is especially true if you are a small business owner. Big corporations and larger businesses have a lot more capital and they can set aside thousands if not millions just for advertising. You can hardly compete with that, at least at the moment, meaning you need to make use of other, free and widely available resources.
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Social Media and Marketing

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Regarding social media, Facebook and Twitter are usually two places where business owners do most of their marketing. Some also open accounts on TikTok and YouTube to boost their overall internet presence and reach more people with the marketing campaign they lead. All of these are okay, but you must never forget about Twitter, arguably the most active and hands-on social media service in terms of conversation and social interactions.

Twitter is a great place for small businesses to market their products and services but only if you do it the right way. There are numerous pages that make too many mistakes and therefore ruin their chances of getting the exposure they require. To learn about these avoidable mistakes in marketing as well as how to stop making them or never even make them, keep on reading the article. Of course, in order to work, your Twitter account has to have a lot of followers. To quickly get to a high enough number without any hassle, we advise you to visit

Mistakes to Avoid

If you make sure never to make the following mistakes on your journey to a successful Twitter campaign, you will easily have a very successful experience and your company will grow.

1. Mentioning the Business Too Much

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The quickest way to bore your followers and make them unfollow you is to constantly mention the name of your business. This is not a natural way of talking and people quickly have enough of it. This is why ads are so unpopular because potential customers know nothing about the company, its goals, and even its products. All they know is the name of the business and none of the info on it. Make your content meaningful and answer the followers’ questions before they ever get the chance to answer them. Tweeting is an art form at this point, so be helpful, entertaining, and informative. Also, try to be positive as much as possible because there is also a ton of negativity on the platform.

2. No Multimedia

Posting only tweets with text is not the best way to use this versatile service. You should aim to post as many pictures and short clips relevant to your small business as possible. Share snaps of the workplace, the store, post descriptions and unboxings of your own products, and make reviews. You should also regularly post links to your main website or links that could help your followers learn more about the market you are a part of. Remember, people are visual creatures and we tend to pay more attention whenever there is a photo or a video attached to the bland text.

3. Overdoing Hashtags

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When they first started to become internet relevant, hashtags were hardly ever used the right way. People would hashtag every word instead of using a few meaningful categories that would boost their tweets to the appropriate sections. If you care about the stats, you should know that tweets that have more than two hashtags drop in engagement by as much as 17%. Two are plenty as you can have an industry-related one and a general one. People will find your post more easily if they look for those things specifically.

4. Having Fixed Times

As you can see from the above-mentioned rules and mistakes to avoid, the internet is hardly an easy thing to use. This is so true that you should actually pay attention when you post. Think about how many people follow you and where they come from. Also, think about how many other people they follow. Your tweets will not appear on everyone’s feed, only some of them. This means two things. First, you should never post at fixed times but do it a few times a day at different hours. Secondly, you have to make sure your posts contain roughly the same message but not exactly the same. This will help you reach most of your followers, without the ones who see every tweet feeling like you are copying and pasting the same things.

5. Forget the Retweets

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Asking for retweets is common courtesy on Twitter and you should remember to ask for them. According to some studies, your tweets are 12% more likely to be retweeted if you just ask your followers to do it. This is enough to develop a habit of politely asking your existing customers and day-one followers for help in the form of a simple retweet (RT). Just write “RT” at the end and you should be far better off.

6. Not Following the Trends

Twitter is one of the best social media platforms because it is the platform everyone uses, from athletes and celebrities to politicians and heads of the largest corporations. This means that it is very easy to keep up with the trends and stay in touch with the news. Doing so will allow you to tie your tweets to the trending hashtags which will increase the potential traffic on your page and make more people learn about you. Choosing appropriate hashtags could be difficult and challenging, but there are enough things going on for you to make a natural transition that makes sense.