There comes a time when every business needs to rebrand. Rebranding might not sound like much, but it can make or break your company’s image. So, naturally, you should know about the 5 worst rebranding mistakes in order to avoid them when the time comes. And that’s why we’re here. So without further ado, let’s start.

1. Doing A Poor Logo and Name Job


The easiest way to rebrand is to redesign the logo or name of your business. But doing that requires a lot of thinking, as any bad move might result in the downfall of your business. When it comes to rebranding, most companies do it because sales or profits are down. This is the case with most restaurants and other establishments.

While this rule applies to every type of business, the same also applies in regards to the logo and name. But there is one huge mistake to avoid here. Namely, if your new name or logo doesn’t fit with your company’s existing profile then you will come under fire. This could result in you missing your loyal customers; the people that will support you through thick and thin.

2. Neglecting the Loyal Customers


This is a good time to write a word or two about what it means to neglect a loyal customer. As mentioned earlier, these are the people that will support you even when others won’t. This means that these people will use your products and services even if business is going slow. So it will work in your best interest not to neglect them when rebranding. Doing that, however, is rather tricky.

Not only do you have to understand what your loyal customers like about your existing image, but you also have to make sure not to harm them in the process. By this, we mean to do a bad rebranding job. The easiest way to prevent that is to do a survey. You need to find out what your loyal customers love about your image and what they don’t.

When you have the results back, take a long and hard look at what your customers are saying. If they like the graphics on the packagings but don’t like the packaging itself, then make the change. You need to consider the needs of your loyal customers first before pulling the plug on your existing brand image.

3. Changing Your Name


There is a clear distinction between changing your company name and changing the design of the name. These two are very different and one could result in the downfall of your business. The golden rule of redesigning is to never change the name. Your name is the soul and identity of your business, and you should always work around it and never behind its back.

Take the story of Pizza Hut. They tried to change their name to only “The Hut”. Well, let’s just say that it was an experience that the pizza company would want to forget about. By removing the word “Pizza” and leaving only “The Hut”, the company completely lost its identity. Sales began to slow down and people were generally very disappointed in the decision. So Pizza Hut had to revert back to its previous name, as it was the soul and identity of the company.

4. Changing the Logo, But Not the Website


Your logo and name might be the things that people see first whenever doing business with you, but your website is the place where everyone goes to know more about you. So, the easiest mistake to do is to leave out the website from the redesign process. This can be a costly mistake that would send shockwaves throughout the community.

For example, redesigning your logo with new and different colors and not applying those set colors to your company website speaks a lot about the type of business you are. Not only does it come off as lazy, but it also comes off as unprofessional. Those are two adjectives that your business wants to stay away from. And the only way to do that is to be smart and careful.

You could also hire professionals to help you along with the redesign process. Not only can these help you redesign your logo, but they will make sure the same rules are applied to your website. So, if you’re interested in more, make sure to visit Logozila.

5. Forgetting About Social Media


The easiest way for your customers to find your website and to know more about your business is through social media. Almost 70% of people check up a restaurant’s social media pages before choosing to do business with the said restaurant. And this will also apply to all kinds of businesses, not restaurants, bars, and similar establishments.

What’s more important is the fact that people use social media for everything these days. They use it for their own personal entertainment, to be their personal therapist, and they also get all of their news here. So, it would be the natural choice for your business to start being more active on its social media pages. If you only have a Facebook page but not an Instagram page, then why not make one as Instagram is excellent for reaching new people.

If your company is in need of a LinkedIn, then it would be a smart move to create a LinkedIn profile as it will help you hire people in the future. What’s even more important is the fact that it’s easier to reach more people through different social media platforms than to use only one.



Rebranding mistakes aren’t anything new as not everyone takes the time out of their busy lives to understand the needs of their customers. It seems that the vast majority of companies rebrand to fix a bad mistake.

But avoiding bad branding is something you should focus all of your time and energy on. Instead of only focusing on what to do, you should take the time off and read about the things you should avoid when rebranding.