Cloud computing can be a little intimidating if you don’t know much about it yet. For someone who is not tech-savvy, the very mention of these terms can elicit head-scratching and eye-rolling.

The fact is, once you have an IT person who can explain to you in simple language what these terms mean, you should be able to pick up the basics fairly quickly. In this article, we’ll give you a little MSP and DaaS crash course. At that end, you’ll know what they both mean, and you might be ready to give them a try in your workplace.

What’s DaaS?


We’ll start with a quick DaaS explanation. DaaS, otherwise called data as a service, is a computing term. It means cloud-based software tools that you can use to work with data sets. You can either manage or analyze data with it, and many businesses find that it comes in handy.

What About MSPs?

MSP means managed cloud service provider. Think of them this way: let’s say you have a business, and you want to move most or all of your dealings into the cloud. This is not uncommon because computing is much more secure, and maybe you want to protect a client’s sensitive data.

If a company manages your cloud service provider, you don’t have to hire an IT department to run it for you. The company you hire also handles all the updates. It’s easy to see why it would be worth it to pay them for these services.

According to Desktop Ready “the #1 MSP DaaS solution designed by MSPs for MSPs.” you’ll want to see the following things from one of these companies if you’re ready to go into business:

Training and Onboarding


One of the reasons why it’s great to automate many of your workplace responsibilities is because you can train and onboard your new workers online, saving you time and energy. In the past, your HR department would probably handle all of that. Now, they can leave that job up to your cloud service provider.

If you get the right MSP, you can create a profile for your new worker once you hire them, and you can sit them down and instruct them to go through the training and onboarding process. That all takes place in the cloud, so you don’t have to keep track of papers in filing cabinets that have the employee’s name, physical address, social security number, and so forth.

Provided that your MSP has excellent security measures, this is so much safer, and your workers will trust you more if you do this. Their info doesn’t have to stay in a locked filing cabinet in your HR department anymore.

A La Carte Services

When you approach one of these MSP companies, they will also probably offer you a proprietary suite they created. It will have some essential services that they feel most companies need. If you don’t need some of those services, though, and you need some additional ones instead, the company you’re using can add and subtract accordingly.

They probably have a whole list of other services they can add to your particular software suite. Once you implement it, your entire company and all your workers can take care of menial tasks much more efficiently than they ever could before.

Lead Generation


What’s perhaps most impressive about many of these MSP services, though, is that many of them have AI infusion. Artificial intelligence allows them to comprehend what your business model is and how it works.

Once you have customized yours, it can probably offer lead generation that’s more accurate than any human counterpart could. It can figure out any companies or individuals with whom you’d want to do business, locally if you’re a smaller company, or even internationally if you want to expand into foreign markets.

Imagine the leads this technology can generate by using the algorithm with which the creator integrated it. You can find new potential clients and reach out to them, and you can grow exponentially. The right MSP can do the work of an entire army of employees who you once had cold calling potential clients, probably not with the greatest success.

24/7 Customer Service

It’s also worth mentioning that because MSP creators monitor these services, you can always reach out to the one you hire if there’s anything wrong with the service or it does not satisfy you. Perhaps you need to tweak some of the services you set up with yours because they’re not working quite like you thought they would.

Maybe you want to add some services that you’ve realized could help you, but your MSP version does not have them yet. You can do that with these services, and you can do it day or night.

Business never sleeps. You can alter your MSP version any time you need to, even if you’re pulling an all-nighter because you’re about to launch a new marketing campaign or you’re trying to attract a new client. When you think about all this, it’s hard not to feel some excitement. With MSPs, the future is now, and the one you get can revolutionize your business, especially if you’re doing something data-intensive.

It’s true that MSPs will not help every business on the planet because some companies don’t need data access on the scale that we’re describing. However, it might surprise you how many small mom-and-pop businesses would be able to expand their customer base dramatically if they only have the proper data access. Look into some MSPs and figure out if one appeals to you. You should find the price tag not too off-putting, and you will see some significant dividends before much time passes.