It’s not a secret that the global COVID-19 pandemic managed to change our lives for the worse, but since we love looking at the bright side in these difficult times, we consider this pandemic a lesson rather than a catastrophe. From now on, people will pay a lot more attention to personal hygiene, washing hands and staying protected when around other people. But, we also cannot deny the fact that many businesses suffered, and we’ll most likely experience the mild economic crisis in the next few years. Until then however, we need to play with the cards we’ve been dealt.

Restaurants remained closed for a few months while the quarantine lasted, but now some of them are opened again and running just like before. The only thing is, the amount of customers they have now is not nearly close to what it was before the pandemic. Why?

People care a lot about their safety now, especially after we got some official information from the WHO about the deadliness of the virus in older people. So, restaurants are either half-empty now due to the 2-meter distance rule, or people are just finding other ways of eating food from outside. Doesn’t ring any bells? Food trucks. Today we’re here to tell you all about them.

Food trucks as a part of culture


Food trucks are what some people would say “a big deal” in a lot of countries. In some larger cities where the street culture is quite developed, this is a very normal thing and a much-appreciated one as well. For someone who lives in a country where food trucks are non-existent, they might come as a surprise when you see the huge line of people waiting to get their food, but you get used to it.

Now, you might be wondering why these small businesses saw such an increase in business after the covid-19 pandemic, and we’re here to answer your question. Before we talk about that, is a website where you can take a look at some offers about custom food trucks. If you are interested in investing and starting your own food business, we suggest you learn some more.

Cheap but quality food


The first and most important thing that a consumer wants from any food business is quality. Luckily, food truck owners deliver it. Once again, if you are someone who lives in a country where food trucks barely exist, this is not just a “random place to eat.” In some cities such as Miami or Brooklyn, these places are taken very seriously. They are basically premium restaurants on wheel, but for street food, if that makes sense.

With that being said, the food that you can purchase at a food truck is quality, but also cheap since it’s considered “street food” instead of “fancy restaurant food.” Good, this works for a lot of people, especially those who value their money even more now after the pandemic taught us a lesson. But, that’s not all, there are quite a few other reasons why food truck owners saw a business increase during the covid-19 crisis. Let’s take a look.

Safe place to grab food without health risks


Nobody really feels the same about sitting in a small room with dozens of people around them, all of them consuming food and talking at the same time. And, most restaurants don’t really have the takeaway option available. So, which option comes into play next? That’s right, food trucks.

Although there is a line you have to wait in before grabbing food at a popular truck, the safety rules are respected by everyone who’s waiting. Then, upon grabbing your delicious meal, you are free to go and eat somewhere safe, where nobody else is around in a two meter radius. This drastically reduces your risk to get infected by the corona virus, and it saves you time and money as well. You don’t have to wait for someone at a restaurant to prepare your food for thirty minutes, because there’s warm and delicious food ready at all times at a food truck, which is our next reason.

Warm and ready food at all times


So let’s say that you are on your way to work, and you want to eat but you don’t really feel like standing between people. What is your first choice? Restaurants are obviously not the best options because that will take a lot of time. Can you order something? Sure, but you’ll still have to wait until the food is done and delivered, but by that time your work shift will start. Do you now see why food trucks saw such an increase in business? Because you can just pass by and grab warm food, then eat it somewhere nearby and be on your way to work without losing any time.

Various food choices


If you happen to be tired of eating the same old, then it’s time to try a different type of food, something that you weren’t eating in the past few months. Well, street food is always a fresh touch to your diet, honestly, and it doesn’t even cost much which is amazing. When it comes to food trucks, the food choices are offered in a broad spectrum. You can eat something that you’ve never tried before, especially if this wasn’t a habit of yours in the past. We guarantee that you’ll find something cool, and that’s what other people think as well, hence the increased business during the covid-19 pandemic.

Flexible prices and promotions


Last but not least, it’s worthy to mention that food trucks often have flexible prices and promotions that attract customers like nothing else. If you are a regular at a certain food truck, you should be familiar with this concept. It’s the easiest way to sell more but also help people who are looking to pay a fair price for quality food instead of paying half of their daily pay at a restaurant.