Being a realtor is an excellent profession, but it requires marketing to do it effectively.

For some people, that ability comes naturally. For everyone else, it’s crucial to develop a winning strategy that acquires new customers effortlessly. Fortunately, many tactics work well for real estate professionals. With an arsenal full of the latest digital marketing techniques, any realtor can develop a growing revenue stream.

Get the Maximum Value From Social Media Marketing


Social networks are an ideal place to meet a new client. However, it pays to be mindful that people are online to socialize, so it takes a certain level of finesse to cultivate their interest. If you’re too aggressive, you run the risk of offending people.

It’s also crucial that you update frequently. Without doing that, it’s easy to lose out to the sea of updates from everyone else. Most realtors post on a schedule or have someone do the job for them. That way, there’s a steady stream of up to date content that helps their business receive more traffic and inquiries.

It’s worth maintaining a presence on as many social media sites as possible. Each of them has a specific audience that’s slightly different from the other platforms. Mastering each one is an excellent way to get the most value from all of them.

Instagram and Facebook are very visual, whereas long-form written content performs better on LinkedIn. These are the kinds of decisions your social media marketing manager will need to make to ensure that you’re tailoring the right message for each target segment.

Leverage Direct Mail Marketing to Increase Conversions

As fantastic as marketing online is, there’s no reason to neglect using offline approaches like direct mail marketing. Since you’re targeting people in a specific geographic area, you’ll find there’s a boost for well-crafted mail pieces.

Direct mail is to the point, and it helps create brand awareness and drives conversions. It’s cost effective, primarily when you use minimum orders for campaigns. Not only that, it’s as trackable as online spending, so there are no wasted dollars.

Direct mail marketing has been active since the beginning and shows no signs of slowing down. With the proper offer

Pro tip: if you’re starting with direct mail, there’s no reason to overcommit with an expensive package. Instead, check out suppliers like They offer this service with no minimum order size, which is most appropriate if you are on a budget. Once you dial in your strategy, you can mail more and more.

Get Inspired by Your Competitors


It’s worth watching what your competitors are doing, especially the ones who are making waves. Perhaps they’re using a new marketing method that your firm could adapt? Without paying attention to the current market and what the leaders do to bring in new business, it’s possible to lose sight of the best practices.

Of course, you don’t want to copy what your rivals are doing. Still, there’s nothing wrong with peering into their strategies to glean information that will make yours better. Knowledge of the market is the single most significant determinant of success for most realtors, so gain so much that no one knows more. That’s not going to be easy, but deciphering what the industry leaders do is a great start.

There’s a reason confident leaders move the most volume every year. They use robust strategies that keep new people coming to them. When you’re able to do that, you’ll find marketing to be a joy.

Websites Are Powerful Marketing Tools


Realtors need websites to serve as the hub for their digital marketing efforts. Sites are an excellent point of the first contact for realtors and prospects. Many people enjoy doing casual research online before taking the time to make inquiries. They are feeling noncommittal and want to learn more about services and products.

A well-designed website gives browsers a place to find out all the vital information about your service. That includes the best way to contact you and links to all of your other digital assets. Not only that, you may even have listings or add up to the minute information that will help close sales. Consumers are increasingly interested in using their phones to research realtors, so giving them a way to do that quickly puts you ahead of your competitors.

Your website is the repository for the content that you’ll share across your social media channels. With one organized hub, it’s much easier to keep your landing pages hopping with qualified leads.

Pro-tip: make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Almost all of your visitors will use phones to browse your site, so the key priority is to display pages correctly on all screens. A responsive, well-designed website will do that, making it a vital asset for your marketing efforts.

Turn Your Customers Into Advocates

Your satisfied clients help get you new business. First, people want to hear about the experiences of others who have dealt with your service. Testimonials are a perfect way to spread the word, and people who are happy with their property deal are likely to help.

  • Send clients birthday cards each year with a personalized touch. They will love to hear from you after the deal is over.
  • Ask people for referrals and reviews consistently. Use a program if your customer database is large enough.
  • Encourage customers to subscribe to your newsletter to get more information.
  • Winning over people is a gradual process, with amazing rewards. Not only will they buy from you, but they’ll help you find other customers who share their characteristics.

Play to Your Strengths


Ultimately the most successful marketing you do is what you stick with over time. If you have an area of marketing expertise that’s better than others, it’s worth using that as your primary strategy. However, it’s worth continually learning and experimenting with new techniques too. The digital world is a fast-paced and continuously evolving landscape, so everyone who does business there will need to move along with the times.

If you have a talent for making videos, that will open up new avenues of exploration. Not everyone is comfortable on camera, so people who are can build large followings online quickly. If you’re better at writing than making videos, you may consider blogging. Any plan you start should be one that you stick with for the long haul. Audiences come from consistent effort, and they expect to see more of the same thing that brought them in the first place.

  • Use a suitable budget of time and money for any campaign.
  • Target specific segments of your audience and track conversions.
  • Use the most comprehensive possible variety of methods to bring people to your
  • funnel, but make sure you know what’s driving the most results.

Anyone realtor who’s willing to do all of these things will carve out an online and offline empire. Consistent effort is not glamorous, but it’s the main thing that keeps people on the leaderboard. Digital marketing is excellent, but it stops working as soon as the campaigns end. That’s why it’s becoming essential to combine offline and digital efforts. Realtors who are leading the way in this area report higher closing rates.

There are so many possible ways for a realtor to get a new client, most successful ones will only need to master a few. Start with the methods that appeal to you and experiment with new ones to see, which brings the most returns. You won’t be sure until you try them all.