Although you might not think about it so often, there is a wide range of methods that you can use in order to lower the costs in your office. And, almost all of them require simple changes to your facility, as well as some changes in how your employees behave. If you let them know that you are trying to be more energy conscious, it is highly possible that they will try to be more careful about energy consumption.

Since you are reading this article, you are probably looking for some strategies to save more money by reducing your monthly electricity bills. And, that is exactly what the article below will be able to help you with – learning what you should do to cut the energy costs. Let’s take a closer look at the strategies:

1. When The Light And Devices Are Not Used, Switch Them Off

Yes, it is quite obvious, however, it is totally worth mentioning. You might be shocked when you learn how much energy is wasted by all the PCs, screens, lights, and other things being left on for an extended period of this. But, if you ensure that everything is switched off, you will not have to pay the excess money for something that people do not use.

For instance, you could ask someone to check if everything is off, including the devices and machines in the breakrooms like all the TVs, microwaves, espresso machines, and so on. Another interesting thing that you might want to do is to plug all the cables in one power strip. This will allow you to switch off all the devices by clicking one button.

2. Purchase Energy-Efficient Bulbs


When you calculate and think about it carefully, saving smaller amounts of energy in all the rooms in your facility will save you loads of money at the end of a month. For example, you can switch from the 60-watt bulbs to 18-watt ones. Those are energy-efficient and they can save you thousands of dollars annually.

You should also know that implementing these bulbs will not only lower the bills you get, but it will lower the overall costs of maintenance in the long run. The energy-efficient bulbs can easily last for up to 15 years, meaning that you will not have to invest money in purchasing new bulbs for quite a long time. Hence, you will cut costs in the long run.

3. Hire a Company That Will Tell You What is Wrong

When business owners hear the word “audit”, their hearts might start to skip a bit, since an audit is never good. However, in this case – it is actually an extremely good thing. Hiring an audit company will allow you to gain insights into your energy consumption and the experts will provide you some methods for saving energy in your building.

The company you hired will send experts to your facility and from there, they will inspect everything while checking if there are any problems with the insulation, if there are any air leaks, as well as if there are some locations where you can install better devices and lights. If you are interested in seeing all the services an audit company can provide, check out 7X Energy.

4. Think About Implementing Dimmers And Motion Sensors


This might come as a shock to you, but you should know it – over 25 percent of the energy consumed in America comes from lights. So, being a bit wiser about how and when you use it can save you a lot of money. Hence, the logical step you should take is to implement motion sensors in halls, meeting rooms, and other areas in your facility that are not used as frequently as others.

Besides adding these sensors, you can also consider adding automatic dimming sensors that will efficiently measure and then adjust the light levels in specific rooms. And, although it is an investment that will require a bit more money, you will be positively surprised by how reduced your monthly bills will be in the long run.

5. Do Not Forget About The Adjustable Thermostats

By getting an adjustable thermostat, you will be able to remotely and easily adjust the temperature in your facilities when your employees are not there – for example, during the holiday seasons, nights, and days off.

It will also allow you to turn on the heat or air conditioning before people arrive, and you will also be able to turn it off before they go home for the day. This can help you reduce your power consumption by more than ten percent – which, when you think about it, is quite a lot.

6. If You Need New Equipment, Buy Energy-Saving Ones


Whenever something breaks down and you need to purchase a new device or machine, make sure that you look for energy-efficient devices such as copy machines, printers, monitors, refrigerators, espresso machines, and so on. If you choose these ones, you will be able to save more than 40 percent of the energy you use and you will also make your company Eco-friendly, which is something that is quite important to people nowadays.

7. Maintain Your HVAC Systems Regularly

According to HVAC Link Inc, if your HVAC system does not work properly, it can consume more power than usual. And, this can lead to a drastic increase in your bills. Hence, you will want to ensure that it is regularly inspected, that the filters are changed and that the entire system is cleaned often. This can lead to your company saving more than 20 percent of energy.

That is why it is important to keep your HVAC clean and well maintained, so make sure to use a local company to help you maintain and repair the AC as soon as possible, don’t use a national company keep it local, better service and better value, so if you live in largo, get a largo ac repair company.


As you can see, there are some simple, yet extremely effective ways to save energy and make your company more energy efficient – and by following the strategies from this article, you will be able to reduce your monthly electricity bills. Hence, now that you know what you could do, as well as how to do it, do not waste any more time and start coming up with a strategy that will save a lot of energy and money.