Are you ready to buy your dream house? The chances are you have little to no knowledge of where to look at, and even if you have all the expertise, one wrong step can lead your efforts down the drain.

Buying a house is a significant step in a person’s life and comes with great responsibility. You have to be on top of things while you decide to level up. However, certain people in our life can make the task easier for us, and when it comes to buying houses, realtors are one of them.

A realtor is a person who represents sellers and buyers and helps you look for a great deal for the value of your money. But sometimes, you might want to skip this step and would like to look for your property yourself. Suppose you are confused about why you should not hire a realtor for your next big purchase. Take a look at some pros and cons of hiring a realtor.

Pros Of Buying Without A Realtor:


Save your money:

One of the main reasons you avoid hiring a realtor is so that you can potentially save some money. For some buyers, savings may be all the convincing they need. Without the help of a real estate agent, you might be able to buy the house at a lower price by negotiating with the seller since no middle person is involved. Also, you can save the realtors commission, which is about 5%-6% in Ontario, Canada.

Direct communication:

Buying a house without a real estate agent can be a liberating factor since no intermediary is involved. You can potentially look for sellers yourself and communicate directly for negotiations and rates. Try to look for listings made by owners themselves so that you can contact them directly without a real estate agent’s involvement.

Cons Of Buying Without A Realtor:


Lack of expertise:

If you have little to zero knowledge about the real estate agency and you want to buy a house without involving a real estate agent, the chances are you might end up spending more money on the property. Also, since a real estate agent has all the expertise, he has a complete idea about all the documentation required. A realtor will help you manage all the reports and paperwork without delays and costly missteps along the way.

Lack of information:

You can have only limited knowledge about all the listings in your neighborhood while your realtor knows about all the properties or houses on sale. Without the help of a realtor, you might end up settling for a higher-priced bargain since you can have access to only a limited number of houses. Since the realtor has all the information, they might get advance notice about a property before they hit the market.

Less home knowledge:

You can buy a house all you want, but if you have no idea whether the house’s construction or building is right, you might put yourself in a difficult situation. A realtor is in a better position to determine the physical properties since he has an eye for the details.

Lack of help while negotiating:

Not hiring a realtor can be tricky when it comes to negotiating the amount. Dealing is an art form, and you might think that you have all the skills needed but do not be surprised when you can woo a seller into accepting an offer. Since realtors are routine negotiators, they can help you land the best deal based on many factors that influence the home value. While buying a house, your emotions can get the best of you, so it is advisable to have a realtor by your side to see things from a different perspective.

Legal risk:

A lot of paperwork is required to purchase a house. One wrong step can lead to events of disaster. If your seller is not upfront when disclosing the property, you might end up in a lot of trouble once you move in and find certain flaws. So, it is best to hire a realtor who has all the professional resources for legal information, so both the buyer and the seller are at peace.

Tips To Keep In Mind:


If you want to go ahead without a realtor’s help, there are specific tips you should keep in mind before buying a house.

Get familiar: If you are moving to a new neighborhood, it is best to have significant knowledge about the area before you settle in.

Get home insurance: Protect your home by choosing the property insurance coverage that meets your needs. You can get an overall home insurance plan or a comprehensive one depending on what you are looking for. Check if you want to get some of the best home insurance rates in Saskatchewan.

Get a home inspector: Hiring a home inspector could come to your benefit when it comes to finding potential flaws before you move in. If your inspection company does not offer pest inspection, make sure to hire a separate company for that.

Get the seller’s disclosure agreement: By law, homeowners must provide safety disclosure to potential buyers. The agreement considers water, mold, certain defects in the foundation, heating, and plumbing system. Ensure you ask all the house owners’ questions to have extensive knowledge about all you are paying for.


Compare sales: Before you make an official offer, you must consider all the possible rates and discounts. This would be the best time to hire a lawyer since legal issues and documents are involved here. Your records should include the contingency clauses, including the closing date, inspection period, and other conditions that should be met before closing.

Research the market: One of the best ways to find a great deal on your own is to research the market and look for comparable offers. You should get all the information on whether the house is worth the money you are spending by gathering as much information as possible.

Before buying a house, make sure to weigh all the pros and cons of buying with a realtor. Because what might seem like the right decision to you might not be in the eyes of a real estate agent, so make sure you discuss the situation thoroughly before making a purchase.