When you use promotional products in your marketing strategy, you are telling a story about your brand. Are you whimsical? Are you corporate? Are you creative? Your promotion is basically the picture that consumers will see.

If it is not palatable, your promotion will fall short and won’t have the desired impact you wanted to make in the first place. Meet the mind of the consumer before the consumer itself. It is pivotal for the success of your campaign that you click with the consumer and sway their heart towards your product.

Despite the rapid increase in digital marketing, promotional products remain relevant. Promotional products are still a powerful tool that can tell your prospective buyers a story about who you are and what you do and take them on a journey from inquisitive observer to a satisfied customer. Therefore do not underestimate the significance of conventional promotions products. There is a lot of life left in these traditions.

If you’re looking for a fresh, new way to advertise your small business, you should consider exploring the variety of promotional products available from the branding experts. They are well versed in the craft of promotion and their guidance has incalculable importance. Starting with expert consultation is always the best initial plan of action.

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There’s no time like the present to try something new and take your advertising strategy to the next level. After all, we are not promised tomorrow, hence let’s make haste today and carve a brighter future. We are here to help you achieve your ambitions and discover your potential.  Let’s explore some creative ideas to market your business using the power of promotional products.

Personalized Wine Bottles


Treat your VIP clients to a personalized wine bottle and they’ll be sure to think of your brand during their next fancy night in. Consider etching a message from your company onto a local wine, cider, or whiskey bottle to show support for other small businesses while expressing gratitude to your most loyal customers. This is sure to be the most memorable gift your VIPs will receive from a brand! Never doubt the power of gratitude. The more you give the more you get.

Customized Treats


Consider sending a box of personalized treats for a fun and unique client gift. Delight your customers with a custom-printed box filled with marshmallows for their hot cocoa, or jelly beans accompanied by a heartfelt greeting. There are companies that will even print a custom graphic across a spread of marshmallows, chocolates, or other delicious treats. Choose a delicious and memorable promotional product by opting for a branded sweet treat!

Reusable Tote Bag


You can never have enough reusable bags! Consider creating a duffel, tote, or makeup bag to give away as your next promotional product. Customers can represent your brand on a reusable grocery bag at the store, or carry their toiletries in a branded makeup case on their next business trip. The more reusable bags with your brand stamped on it, the better. So get the printing machine working, and through power of negotiation, strike deals with local stores that will use your branded reusable bags.

Think outside the box and offer an insulated lunch tote in an eye-popping color. Colors are strongly intertwined with human psychology. Going for a bland color that just blends with the mundane objects of world won’t do you much good. An eye catching color that has the capacity to mesmerize the customer is a guaranteed sell. Your promotional product will be sure to turn heads in the office breakroom amongst the brown paper sacks if it truly stands out. Be bold with your promotional bags.

Smartphone Accessories


Did you know that most smartphone users check their phones every 10 minutes? According to new Asurion research, that’s 96 times a day! A smartphone accessory is a fun promotional item that your customers will actually use, and according to those statistics, they’ll be viewing your logo almost 100 times per day! Give your customers what they want; consider choosing a PopSocket, phone case, or cellphone stand for this Spring season’s promotional product.

You can collaborate with different smartphone accessory manufacturers and negotiate a mutually beneficial project where you can split your shares or set a fee depending on the revenue generated from accessory sales. You can pay for the manufacturing of different batches of accessories and have your brand posted on each case that is mass produced. You can target chargers as well and work with those companies to get your name printed on the product.

Outdoor Fun

Does your brand cater to customers with a passion for outdoor activities? Get creative with your promotional products by adding your logo to products like frisbees, beach towels, camping chairs, or grill equipment. Your happy customers can take your brand with them on their next vacation or day off in the park.

Sponsorship deals


Now sponsorship is an exciting prospect that you should consider. It does demand a handsome investment but to get your brand fixated before a million pair of eyes, yielding uncountable customers; there is no better way than sponsoring a sports team.

Partner with teams in different sports like motorsports, cricket, and football. Your badge will attract an unprecedented amount of attention and it is a guarantee that you will draw in crowds of potential customers. Sure it is a sizable investment, but look at what you gain in return. Exploit the exponential benefits of sponsoring a team; your efforts will be rewarded.

If initial investment is difficult, consider giving back to the community by partnering with a local team. The sports fans out there would love to receive a visor, foam finger, or drink cozy featuring your logo alongside their favorite team. It doesn’t matter how much you invest. Where you are investing is all that matters.

Choosing the best promotional products for your brand is not one-size-fits-all, and this list is by no means comprehensive. At the end of the day, you should choose products that reflect the personality of your business. Remember, promotional products are used to increase brand awareness, but they also tell a story and leave a lasting impression on the consumer.

Once you figure out what story your company wants to tell and why, you’ll be able to pick promotional products that will delight clients and grow your business. Make the appropriate move at the right time and in the relevant place. This is the recipe for success. You have the ingredients, so start cooking and build the empire you always envisioned.