Having a digital business card is a great way to build your brand. There are many other ways digital business cards can benefit your business and make it more successful.

What Is A Digital Business Card?

Simply put, it’s like the traditional business card in that it contains the essential details of an individual and/or a company: name, photo, company logo, address, contact number, website, and social media links, among others.

The key difference is that the digital business card is not printed. It’s shared digitally or electronically through quick-response (QR) code, social media, NFC tags, email, messaging apps, and so on.

This article discusses nine benefits of digital business cards. By the time you reached the end of the article, chances are you’d want to create a business card for your company.

They Can Increase Brand Awareness


Brand awareness is vital in modern business because consumers are more likely to buy products and services when they know your brand. In this era where information can be shared easily, you need to take advantage of any opportunity to get your name out there.

Digital business cards allow you to promote your brand in a memorable way. In particular, a QR code business card can encourage immediate sharing not only on social media platforms but through email and other means. This enables you to display your employees’ contact information as an alternative to a physical card.

They Bring In More Web Traffic


Web traffic is essential for search engine optimization (SEO); it directly affects how your site ranks in search results. Digital business cards can help you get more customers by making it easier for them to find you.

When you have a digital business card, you can easily share your contact information with potential customers on social media or other platforms. You can also use the card to promote special offers or discounts that might help you grow your business.

They Boost Your Competitive Edge


If you have an online business, there are possibly thousands of other brands that compete for the same market. The intense competition may affect your sales and profits, so knowing how to stand out from the crowd is crucial.

Digital business cards can help you do just that. They’re convenient and easy to share, allowing you to display your brand uniquely. Digital business cards are also an excellent way for new companies to increase brand recognition.

They make it easier for customers who bought something from you to find their way back into your online store or check out more products from your company without having to fill out another form.

They Are More Personal


Personalization is important because it allows you to connect with your customers on an emotional level. If they are getting a traditional business card, they’re less likely to open your email and more likely to throw it in the trash.

But if you use a digital business card, they’ll see you took the time to personalize it with their name and contact information. This will make them feel more connected to you, leading to more sales and referrals for your business.

They Help You Reach More Customers


You must make your brand memorable when trying to attract leads. However, it’s hard to do so if you still give away traditional business cards to your clients. This can impact your conversion rate and the way people view your brand.

Instead, give people the ability to easily share your contact information with social media followers or friends via digital business cards.

If you own a restaurant, having a digital business card with a link to Facebook will allow customers visiting your establishment to share their experience on social media. This allows you to reach more potential customers than just handing out cards at trade shows.

They Are Environment Friendly


Traditional business cards require you to print out multiple copies. This can affect the environment because it requires large amounts of paper and ink, contributing to deforestation and pollution. This may even make your brand look unprofessional and unsympathetic to the environment.

Digital business cards have a lot of advantages when it comes to the environment. The cards are more environmentally friendly than traditional cards because they do not require trees to be cut down or paper products to be made from virgin materials. They can even help save energy because they use less ink and paper.

They eliminate any need for printing by hand or using a blank piece of paper with a laser printer or inkjet printer. It also eliminates the possibility of using plastic envelopes, staples, and glue that can damage the environment if disposed of improperly.

They Create Consistency

Consistency is vital in branding because it helps people recognize you as the same company over time. It also helps them remember your business name, which can be especially important for businesses with a small clientele.

A digital business card can maintain consistency because it’s always connected to your website or email address. This will help people find you online more easily by showing off consistent branding across all channels.

They Promote Convenience


When you attend networking events, you have to connect with professionals who are experts in your field. This allows you to learn from them or expand your brand.

However, it can be hard to do so if you give out traditional business cards because your connections may misplace them. This causes you to miss out on opportunities.

When you have digital business cards, this problem disappears. You can share your contact information online instead of physically handing out cards and pens.

It’s also nice to check which contacts are available at any given time and respond accordingly. This way, the process becomes much more efficient and convenient for both parties involved.

They Help You Grow Your Email List


Establish an email newsletter subscription list can be challenging if you’re using traditional business cards. When you’re using digital business cards and send them out, you are likely to receive them as well. You can then grow your email list with the contacts you’ve gathered.

When you send out digital business cards, be sure to highlight your company name, website address, and phone number. This makes it easier for new subscribers to find out who they are contacting and why they should join your email list.

Key Takeaway

Branding is essential and becoming more critical with each passing day. Digital business cards are a great way to start building your brand.

They allow you to create an image of who you are and what you do without paying for expensive printing costs. They can help you attract new clients easily, without having to set up an occasion to give out marketing materials personally.

More importantly, you can make changes to your card instantly to reflect any corrections in the details. Customers will be able to reach you out using the latest contact details.