Every business owner wants to make profits. While consistent advertising and marketing activation can help to tap into potential markets, you still need something more. It is here that brand promotion comes to good use for most brands. Do you own a bakery business? If yes, then the chances are that you keep looking for innovative ideas to promote your business. The generic newspaper prints ads and social media mentions help to create the initial buzz. If you want to sustain and make consistent profits, you need to level up your business promotion game.

Bakery and business promotion


There’s more to a bakery business than what people can conjecture. The art of baking is either less known or not well comprehended by many. Furthermore, as an owner of a bakery business or a freelance baker, you might want to bring in your distinctive element to the business. For instance, if you are planning to launch a bakery store, you can get creative.

One of the best ways is to customize lanyard chains for your employees and customers who provide the highest billing in a month. Opt-in for lanyard ID cards for employees and plain lanyard chains with a pen drive for your customers. It looks both professional and classy. People love to receive a gift from their best brand. With this, you can make use of multiple tools for your business promotion.

A few simple and smart business promotion strategies are:


1. Highlight the special bakery menu items on social media

Bakers or bakery business owners need to leverage social media correctly. Generic posts about your store timings or online order details aren’t enough. You need to get to interesting details. Take time to narrow down your focus on the best bakery items that deserve to get highlighted. It could be a combination of cakes, bagels, wraps, and sandwiches. You can create a combination of these items and highlight every month on social media. Take high-end pictures of these items and provide interesting details about it. For instance, if some of your items are gluten-free, mention the same. You can also specify the reason for not using gluten. Provide an email id, where your customers can place orders as well as write to you for any queries.

Once you add creative thinking and practicality to the way you showcase your products, your customers will resonate better. They will refer your products to others, and that will enhance your brand awareness and recall value.

2. Provide freebies with birthday cakes


The majority of bakeries and bakers provide a generic birthday card with a birthday cake. Sometimes, they also offer free candles, candies, and sprinkles. You can take a step forward to introduce an interesting freebie. One of the best products to use as a complimentary gift with birthday cakes is a trendy bandana.

Bandanas look smart and stylish. You can write a short, thoughtful birthday note on the Bandana or along with it. Don’t have to splurge on it excessively. Choose your brand logo colors to customize the Bandana and also add your business name. There are professional service providers who can help you with this. To know more about this, you can check out 4inbandana. Your customers would love to receive this and might use it in their daily lives as well. By customizing a bandana freebie, your brand gains utility for customers in the long-run. They can use the Bandana in creative ways, click pictures, and share it on social media. It will help you gain increased word of mouth publicity which will increase sales and profits.

3. Make bi-monthly baking recipes and share online

As a baker or bakery owner, you wouldn’t want to shell out your business secrets. But there are few easy baking recipes that you can share. You share smart ways to make bread, cheese pull-apart bread, pizza, cupcakes, breakfast cookies, and many more. Share this twice every month on your social media page. You can use your bakery as the backdrop when you are making recipe videos. It is an excellent way to draw in sponsors. You can mention the brand you are using, which will help in cross-promotions and help you earn money. Your videos can also guide the baking enthusiasts.

Additionally, you can also organize baking workshops and training sessions in your store. Since people prefer online workshops more right now to stay safe from the pandemic, you can curate one. It helps you to tap into a varied customer base.

4. Email marketing is useful


Writing off email marketing in 2024 is not a smart call, especially when we are all fighting the pandemic. People check their emails every day a few times. Leverage this data, to share useful emails about your bakery business and new products. Are you opening a store? Are you planning a new product launch? Do you have any critical announcements to make? Did you win any award for maintaining the best business protocols? If you want to share any news, you can create an email and send it to your customers. Send the emails to customers who’ve shown interest in your bakery and want to know about you. That way, you wouldn’t be spamming anyone’s inbox and promoting your brand effectively.

5. Arrange for an expert talk session online

You can get in touch with an expert baker or MasterChef and arrange an online event. Take time to plan and curate the event, so that it addresses customer queries. You can share the event details with a target audience if you want a seminar, especially for baking enthusiasts. Alternatively, if you want to arrange a healthy eating and baking discussion, you can promote your event accordingly. Instagram and Facebook Live are the right mediums to organize such events. People can join in as and when they want to and share their questions. During or after the session, take time to address the questions posed by the participants and answer the same. It will help you to get new customers and social media followers.

The baking industry is expanding at a fast pace today! Entrepreneurs are coming up with bakeries and cafeterias to woo in the audience from a huge age group. Hence, it is essential to make your brand presence felt. Brand promotion tactics will help you to create a separate niche for your baking business and make people look up to it. It will also help you to tune into the audience’s pulse and cater to their needs better.