Flue gases produced from boilers, gas turbines, and combustion generators are discharged to the air outside and are left unused in various industries and facilities. However, this wasted energy could be harnessed by heat recovery from flue gas.

For example, by transferring the thermal energy of the flue gas, a second, separated medium can be heated. This system can also be used to heat other sources like service water in an efficient and uncomplicated way. This technology can reduce the need for heating energy for the industries premises and other processes – and in most cases, saving it entirely.

The conversion of this lost energy of up to 96 percent into reusable heat or electricity reduces the cost and increases the efficiency of the entire production plant. This makes this system incredibly attractive since it is a low-cost device that almost never makes additional costs after it is installed. Additionally, the installation of the exchangers is incredibly easy and cheap and it is often as efficient as replacing the entire heating system. If you want to see more information about this system, check out this website.

A Complete Intelligent Solution for Heat Recovery from Flue Gas


To make sure that the energy is available as well when there is no or little waste heat from flue gases, heat recovery works best in a combined system. With a combination of heat recovery waste has and exhaust flow heat exchangers which temporary stores its energy in a tank, hence, the full heat output is available at all times.

The Uses of Flue Gas Heat Exchangers in Different Industries


There are various uses of these flue gas heat exchangers. Some of the most common uses include:

1. Energy Production – power plants, gas-fired, oil-fired, combined heat, and power (CHP), biomass-fired, and coal-fired.
2. Energy From Waste Plants – like household, hospital waste, and hazardous waste.
3. The Steel Industry
4. Gas and Oil Industry
5. Paper and Pulp Industry

The Investment Benefits and Advantages


The flue gas heat recovery by using an exchanger will provide more efficient process equipment since the energy from the heat would escape through the chimney or flue is reused. The benefits of these heat exchangers include:

1. You will have more efficient production processes
2. It reduced pollution in our environment and atmosphere
3. It reduces the use of energy consumption
4. It reduces the operating cost of the industry


Various industries already rely on these system solutions. Industries such as plastics and metal processing or food industries use high-quality flue gas exchangers. Implementing a flue gas heat exchanger will save your industry money, energy, and time.

It is not only beneficial for the industries that use these systems, but it is also incredibly useful for our environment as well. Hence, if you still did not implement a flue gas exchanger, do not waste any more time and start searching for a flue system that will fit your industries needs and requirements.