Everyone loves gifts, and when we get something for free, we like it, use it and cherish it. Free promotional products have been used by large corporations for decades, and nowadays companies are becoming more creative with every marketing present they give to their potential customers.

If you want to grow and expand your business, you can use promotional products to make people notice you, trust you, and choose your company. In this article, we are going to give you some ideas on what you can do to attract new people. Most of these items are extremely cheap and easy to create, so use our list to get ahead of your competitors and to grow your business with ease.

1. Magnets


Magnets are fun, bright and every person has a collection in their home. The great thing about magnets is that they are usually carried to different cities and states, so if you want to promote your product all around the country, the easiest way is with a magnet.

To make sure this marketing trick is successful, you should use more than just your logo. Combine something catchy, like a word or scenery along with your brand’s name, so that people will be interested in using your magnet and putting it on the fridge.

2. Pens

Probably the best promotional product you can think of. As you’ve probably noticed, every business is using pens to market their brand and the reason is simple – everyone needs a pen. We all carry one in our bags, and when we need to sign a document, we don’t have to bother asking someone else.

We use them throughout our whole lives, and if you want your brand to be subtly noticed, you should print your name to some pens and give them to people and to different companies.

3. Bottles


Everyone is promoting healthy lifestyles, and the main part of that is water. Reusable bottles are something that people need and they use, so why not market your brand with the help of other people?

Try to think of an interesting and unique design, something that others will notice. If you can, invest in something with good quality, and don’t forget to put your brand’s name all around the bottle. If you have several different colors representing your brand, you can use that and create unique bottle designs.

4. Stickers

Stickers can be used pretty much anywhere, from a book to your vehicle and kids love them as well. When you target both adults and kids, you will be more successful. When parents realize something is good for their children, they are more likely to choose that brand before anything else.

So, the next time you think about promotional products, try to use stickers in your campaign as well. According to The Printing House, you can pick your own size, shape, and design, so you should use this to your advantage and create something that’s never been seen before. Use bright colors and something that will catch the eye of potential customers.

5. Mugs


Similar to bottles, but the mugs cannot be carried around. However, we use mugs every single day when we drink our tea or coffee. People always bring their own cup to work, so you should use that to your advantage.

If you want to go one step further, don’t just put your logo on it, instead combine it with a neat quote or a funny meme that people will be interested in reading. There is nothing better than a cool mug that’s free.

6. Stress balls

We’re all under a lot of stress, and the stress balls help people with anxiety and panic attacks. When you incorporate this simple, yet effective tool, with your logo, your brand will be all around the country.

Make sure you create a good product, and that you make it durable and effective. If the stress ball breaks as soon as someone squeezes it, they will think that the quality of it represents your business’s quality. And vice versa, if you put a lot of thought into it and if you create something durable and with high-quality people will trust your brand more.

7. Power banks


This may be a bit more expensive, but it is definitely effective. When we get a free gift from a company, we love it, but when we get something we need and use, we will choose that company the next time we are supposed to make a purchase.

Everyone needs a power bank, and we don’t always buy them, so when you think about the needs of your clients, they will trust you and respect you. With this product, you can go as big as the logo as you want, and you don’t have to worry about people not using it because there is a brand’s name.

Invest in something durable and with high-quality, and your clients will be extremely thankful.

8. Lip Balms


With this product, you target everyone, no matter if they are young, older, men, or women. We need lip balms all year round, and we tend to lose each and every one we buy. So, when a company gives us a lip balm to use without us having to pay for it, we cherish it.

People say that some of the best products they’ve tried were promotional and you should definitely use that to your advantage. Just like with the power banks, here you don’t have to worry about your logo being too big. People will like and use the item even if all they see is the brand’s name.

Remember that with some of these items, you have to pay attention to the overall shape, design, and size of the logo. Don’t make people try and remove the brand’s name and put it somewhere both visible and subtle.

Incorporate other ideas and have people market your business without being aware of that. If you want to go one step further, you can also use T-shirts, calendars, and even lighters to show off your brand and make customers even happier. You can also choose branded custom made umbrellas as promotional gifts. is a British company that produces high-quality promotional umbrellas with professionally branded handles and tips for companies all over the world to use as giveaways or advertising materials!

You can also choose branded custom made umbrellas as promotional gifts. is a British company that produces high-quality promotional umbrellas with professionally branded handles and tips for companies all over the world to use as giveaways or advertising materials!