If you are feeling stuck in your current life or career you may be thinking about going back to school. It’s never too late to make a big change in your life. Age should never be a reason to avoid updating your education or entering an entirely different field of study.

Going back to school can be an exciting but intimidating time. You may have been out of school for many years and are not sure what to expect. Times change, but learning will always stay the same. What has changed over the years is the cost of getting a higher education. Tuition prices have gone through the roof, and the price tag for your new classes may be overwhelming.

Finding the money to finance your higher education can be a challenge. Education loans can come with high-interest rates that can take years following your graduation to pay off. Inventive ideas for fundraising like taking on odd jobs, posting a crowdfunding campaign or investigating RV title loans could help you to make your tuition payments.

Garage Sale/Auction


There’s no better time than when you are making big changes in your life to purge some of the old things you have been holding on to. If you need to make some money in a hurry, consider clearing out some of your unwanted or unused items and have a garage sale or auction. Unused furniture, art, sports equipment, clothes, and even books can be easily sold for cash. Consider selling some of your bigger items like an old car, motorcycle or your home gym to help pay your school bills.

Title Loans

Getting a secured loan from a lender like 5 Star Loans is easier than you may think. If you own a car, RV or truck that has no liens attached to it, you may be able to get a loan for its estimated value. The great thing about title loans is that you can qualify even if you have poor credit.

When you put an item up as collateral against your loan there is much less risk to the lender, making it more likely to get approval. You get to keep your car or RV while you pay off your loan and only give up ownership if you fail to make your payments.

Home Equity Loan


Taking a second mortgage or home equity loan is an excellent way to finance your dreams of going back to school. If you have an appropriate amount of equity in your home you may qualify to borrow against that amount. Banks and credit unions can help to advise you on the type of loan that is the best fit for you.

Odd Jobs

From babysitting for family and friends to completing random tasks found on online applications like Craigslist or Taskrabbit can help you raise money for your education. You can take on a part-time job to help pad your income or find small temporary jobs to help raise the money that you need.


Since the emergence of the internet, people have been using platforms like Kickstarter to help finance their projects. You will need to prepare a digital presentation outlining your dream of going back to school and post it online. Random viewers can then donate to your cause, helping you to reach your estimated goal.



Take your hobbies to a new level and make some money for school. If you are an experienced writer, photographer or web designer you can put out your own “shingle” and try to drum up a bit of business on the side doing what you love. Try posting or browsing the ads on sites like Upwork to see the types of jobs that are available in your niche.


Continuing your education is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. You may want to be able to move up in your current field or start a whole new career. It’s never too late to make a new life for yourself. With a bit of creativity and a lot of hard work, you can make it happen.