During the summer months, wildfire is an unfortunate but common occurrence. Wildfire can destroy a home. An Ontario home insurance calculator can help a person determine how much home insurance they need to protect the home in case they are victims of a fire. Companies like MyInsuranceBroker can be a good resource to help a person find home insurance protection from wildfires.

Types of Home Insurance

Several different features can be part of the home insurance plan to help a person get the coverage that they need.

Guaranteed Building Replacement Costs


This covers will cover the cost associated with rebuilding the home. When getting this policy the homeowner will need to provide detailed and accurate information so that they can get the right amount of money and make sure all things that are in the home apply to them.

Scheduled Items

This coverage will be used for specific items that are of value. This can include jewelry, collections, and antiques. This coverage will go beyond the limits of a typical home insurance policy and will cover these items that may be burn due to a wildfire. A person can also increase their coverage limits on securities and deeds they may have.

Dwelling- Coverage A

This will cover the home any sundecks, garages, and other structures that may be attached to the home. It will help the owner replace them if they are damaged due to wildfires.

Make the Home Safe


There are some things that a person can do to make their home safe, especially during the summer and wildfire season. A person should remove vines that may be growing on the home and any shrubs that are on the side of the home. All of the trees and bushes should be trimmed and pruned. All dead branches should be removed and the lawn should be cut regularly. It should be no higher than 2 inches. This helps the fire from spreading to the home.

Remove Combustibles

All flammable things should not be installed need the home. They need to be at least 30 feet away from the structure. The electrical lines should be installed underground if it is possible. Flammables such as gas or gas grills should be kept at least 15 feet away from the structures.

Remove Clutter


People often leave things on their sundeck or porch that can get in the way. In case of a fire, the outside of the home should be free from as much clutter as possible. A person should remove all trash and should not store items under the decks. They should make the areas as clean as possible. If a person is going to have patio furniture out they should look for sets that are non-combustible or put these covers over them.

How to Get Home Insurance

When a person is looking to get home insurance they will head to professional insurance companies. The professionals that deal with insurance will help a person find the coverage they need to protect their home from wildfire damage. These professionals will help a person to choose the best home insurance through their insurance calculator and will help a person determine how much their home is worth and how much they will need to replace or repair their home. Also, they will recommend the different types of insurance coverage and make sure a person will have the coverage that they need. The broker can help with this process.

Don’t waste your time, and pick up the best insurance that suits your needs and budget!