Small and business usually mean a tight budget, especially when it comes to branding.

And if you’re currently branding, then you’re either a new operation or trying to find a way to increase your annual turnover. Am I close?

If I am, then now’s the time to find helpful tools so you can achieve your goal, and at an affordable cost, or even better, for free!

Here are 5 awesome tools to brand your small business.

Each one provides you with optional branding campaign tactics, and if used together, they’ll help you remove the small from your business!

1. First Impressions Count – Say It With Boom Essays


Maintaining a consistent online presence requires a lot of work. If you don’t have the time needed for writing content for your e-commerce platforms, your best option is to outsource the duties to a copywriting company; this is where Boom Essays Writing Services can help.

BoomEssays will write your content for you; all you have to do is send them the subjects and any relevant links, they’ll create it and send it back for your approval.

Whether it’s proofreading, content writing, editing, emails, blog posts, or even ghostwriters for your website, they can provide it, and you can then focus your time on running your business.

2. Create a Brand Identity with Tailor Brands


In the terribly crowded world of the internet, how do you stand out from all the other small businesses online?

Easy: Create a brand identity. In layman’s terms, this means to give your business a consistent look and feel that tells your audience who you are and what you’re about with just a single glance.

Sounds complicated? Not if you use Tailor Brands. The Tailor Brands Logo Maker allows you to create a logo for your business in five minutes, and it uses AI to take your design preferences into account, so you can design a nice-looking logo that accurately represents your business.

And, their platform comes with a website builder and graphic design studio, which helps you to ensure your brand looks consistent no matter what. You can use the studio to create designs for your social media pages, set up a beautiful website, and, of course, put your logo on everything (including cool merchandise!).

If you want to grab your target audience’s attention, then there’s no better way than creating a brand identity—and now you have the tool to do it.

3. Get Social On Social Media With Buffer


Social media provides small businesses with a level playing field when it comes to branding, and you don’t need vast resources to avail of the opportunity.

What you do need, though, are tools like Buffer Social Media Management Tool that help you manage your accounts and schedule your posts, while accessing all your profiles from the one app!

Buffer’s free version lets you schedule up to ten posts on three different social platforms simultaneously, including Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Plus. And their Pro upgrade, at $15.00 per month, gives you access to eight social accounts and one hundred scheduled posts.

It also provides you with all the analytical information you need to track and run successful branding campaigns, giving you a real advantage.

Haven’t the time to schedule all those posts?

Buffer has thought of this and now provides a separate social media automation tool called Bulky.

It connects directly to your Buffer account, and you can create social media updates such as automated post-release, shuffle posts, recycle posts, and post-release frequency.

Once you set your preferences, you can let it run on autopilot and get back to running your business.

4. Give Yourself The Inside Track With Mention


When running branding campaigns on social media, you must know how they’re performing, and more importantly, what consumers are saying about you.

Mention Brand Monitoring provides you with those all-important audience insights, notifying you when customers post a comment and enabling you to engage with your community in real-time. You can link all your social platforms to their app and track who’s talking about you, their location, and their level of influence.

The first rule of success on social media is consistency, and this tool enables you to be actively engaged when needed.

What about performance?

If you’re running social media branding campaigns, you must know how they’re performing; this is what the Simply Measured tool will tell you.

It tracks who’s following your campaigns and tells you the percentage of views that are converting into sales, enabling you to adjust your approach if and when needed. And used together, these tools give you the inside track and an advantage that every small business needs.

5. Want To Get The Most Out Of Twitter?


You might think Twitter’s just for giving your opinion, but it’s another fantastic opportunity for you to get your business seen when it comes to branding.

You can use it to follow the latest trends with your market, connecting with your customers, and, most importantly, promoting your brand. But to make the most out of it, you need the right tools for the job.

TweetDeck’s Tool For Account Management tells you what’s going on across all your feeds, so you never miss an opportunity. You can track mentions, see what consumers are saying about your brand, and engage with them in real-time, answering questions and comments as they’re happening.

What if people stop following you?

The more followers you have on Twitter, the bigger your brands reach, so if people are unfollowing you, it’s crucial that you know when and why.

Unfollower Stats is a handy tool that connects directly to your Twitter account. It’ll notify you when you drop a follower and provide you with comparison statistics, enabling you to make any necessary changes to your branding campaigns.


Every tool mentioned in this article’s affordable for your small business; some are even free.

By knowing what direction, you want to take your marketing campaigns in, you can select the tools that’ll help you turn them into a resounding success. All you have to do is put your plan into action, sign up to the above tools, start connecting, and turn your small business into a successful brand.