Starting and running a smaller business in 2024 or in these past few years is much easier than what it used to be in the past. With just a small team, dedication, and not a big budget, you could do a lot with a business today. But, to stay competitive in this market, smaller businesses have to provide impressive products or services. However, working with a smaller team on a big project can be very complicated and difficult. For your goal to be realized, you might need to get yourself project management tools.

However, these days, if you went on Google and start searching for such tools, you will probably end up with hundreds, if not thousands of different results, and every single one claiming that they are the best. But, we all know that not every tool can be the best. There are probably only a select few that can truly deliver the performance that a smaller business needs.

So, if you are having trouble finding the right software for your company’s needs, you can use this article to find the best project management tool.

Things that need to be considered


Before I can start talking about the different software is that I research, I think I should mention the things I took into consideration. This information could also help you with your decision too.

The first factor I considered is the price. Since this article is focused on smaller businesses, it is obvious that I should be looking at more affordable options. Every smaller business works with a much smaller business than a bigger company or corporation. Paying thousands of dollars every month is out of the question. That is why I also added a couple of completely free choices.

The next thing I had to consider was the available features. I was looking for software that is able to deliver as many useful features as possible. I was also interested in mobile compatibility. Without a smartphone app, I do not think you can be very efficient in your management.

1. Trello


For the business owners that are looking to experiment with this kind of tool, I recommend finding something that is free or at least very inexpensive. Think of this free software as a test run. If you find them useful, you could always get yourself one of the more expensive options.

However, with Trello, you want to stick with it even if you are on the free package. You are getting so many different features, a great and interactive interface, and an awesome way to handle all the projects at the same time. From this interface, the board, you can easily manage your team and your projects.

With the intuitive interface, creating tasks and assigning those tasks is easier than ever.

Of course, there are some limitations to the free package. For example, you are unable to upload anything that is over 10 MB which can be a problem. Although, if you only work with light documents, I am sure that you will not find that to be an issue. For $9.99 a month, you can get the business-class package which provides you with a lot more useful features.

2. Premier


Premier is a bit more specific, but very useful if you are in the construction industry. This is a very good option for smaller businesses that deal with construction because this software has been created for exactly that. It is a software solution for the construction market.

If you are in this industry, you probably already know how easy it can be to get sidetracked and lose the true path of a project. This usually happens because of mistakes in management and lack of communication between workers. That lack of communication and management mistakes could lead to some serious problems that could cost you your entire budget.

Of course, with such specific software with so many features, comes a bigger price. It is $199 a month. It might seem like a lot, but considering how much money you could save yourself by properly managing your employers, it is definitely worth it.

Premier can help with accounting, financials, assigning tasks, changing orders, costs, billings, forecasting, and many other features as suggested by Jonas Premier.

3. Pipefy


Another free option that comes as a great alternative to my previous choice, Trello. Filled with all kinds of features that could make the man bent of your team much easier. You can easily assign coworkers on different tasks and provide different orders. Users of this software will have a clear view of what they have to do and when it needs to be finished.

However, with its free package, you will be able to supply it to only 10 different users. If you want more people to come on this platform, you will probably have to pay for the more premium package that is $12 a month.

Personally, the only downside I have with this tool is the fact that there is no dedicated software for Windows or Mac. Everything is done through a browser or a mobile app. Fortunately, there is an application for both iPhones and Android phones.

4. ActiveCollab


This is one of the more expensive software is on this list that you could integrate into your business. The most expensive plan that allows you to connect unlimited users together on the same platform costs summer around $299 a month. However, since you are a smaller business, I imagine that you have a much smaller team working for you. So, for $25 a month, you could connect up to five users or $49 a month for 15 users.

I am suggesting ActiveCollab because you can easily store all kinds of data on it and share it with all of your employees. You will have complete control over everything that you do and what your team is doing. It also has a great interface that is very easy to learn. It can be great for users that are not so tech-savvy.

5. SaaS BPM

SaaSBPM is a business project management software tailored to your small business needs. It’s made to fit seamlessly into your organization and centralize all processes happening within so you can track the tasks and results of each member of your team and manage effectively.

This tool is a cost-effective alternative to all the more expensive BPM variations out there but serves everyone involved in your company, from staff and executives to HR managers, owners, and consultants, and offers the flexibility to choose which features you’d like.

Depending on the number of users and features, the SaaS BPM packages are Free, Basic, Standard, and Pro with a price range starting at $0 to $299 per month. The Basic package allows a total of 10 users, involves mind mapping and activity templates alongside the default features we offer, all for as little as $29 a month – try it out for a fortnight for free!

I think I could easily number dozens of other tools on this list, but I believe that these four are probably the best ones out there. You can always visit here to know more about the best tools you can use.