Commercial Truck Tracking Devices


Business vehicle tracking has changed the way companies manage both personnel and automotive assets. The reason is that through the use of GPS fleet tracking small business and large business operations can be optimized to improve routing, customer service, auto security, and so much more.

There is no denying the benefits of it for business, but the debate resides in what are the best fleet GPS tracking systems for commercial trucks? So let’s take a look at some of the different types on the market, pricing, and what the experts have to say! 

GPS Tracker For Commercial Vehicles


There are two types of fleet vehicle tracking systems that businesses can choose from real-time devices and GPS data loggers. The most popular solution is easily the one that provides live updates because data is reported instantaneously, and the technology can be used to help recover a commercial vehicle if it is ever stolen.

However, another option is GPS data loggers. Also described as car trackers with no monthly fees, they simply record driving activity to internal memory chip where a fleet manager can access the data at a later time by downloading the information via USB port. According to Amazon reviews, here are the top 5 GPS tracking devices.

Top 5 GPS Tracking Devices 

– LandAirSea GPS 54 (Real Time)

– GPS Tracking Key (Data Logger)

– Vyncs (Data Logger)

– SpyTec GL300 (Real Time)

– PrimeTracking (Real Time)

As you can see, the top 5 selling devices according to Amazon are a mix between both real-time and no monthly fee data loggers. That shows how diverse technology is at meeting the monitoring needs of both businesses and consumers. However, when it comes to GPS trackers for businesses, global fleet management company suggests companies look into a professional-grade model known as the SilverCloud Overdrive due to its extended battery life.  

GPS Fleet Tracking Pricing


How much are the best fleet GPS tracking systems cost, and what can a business anticipate spending each month in data fees? For tracking devices that simply log driving activity a business can expect to invest around $200.00 for a passive tracker on the premium side of pricing.

On the other hand, real-time trackers would be roughly half the cost but would also require a data plan around the $24.95 a month on average. Premium fleet tracking solutions for business would be a little higher in terms of cost ($299.00) and data pans would for faster updates (10 seconds or faster) be $39.95 per month. 

GPS Vehicle Tracking System Features

When it comes to fleet management, commercial tracking systems have a variety of benefits that businesses can find significant. Here are the top 5 features of GPS trackers for business :

– Real-time access to a company vehicle 24/7

– Ability to set geofence alerts 

– Document mileage by employees 

– Speed alerts

– Route management 

Business auto tracking devices for business are tools that can help any company get a better pulse on if drivers are safely operating business vehicles, proper routes are being utilized, and of course, if employees are not misusing company time or equipment. In an era where time and money are definitely measurable, it is important that any business seeking a way to optimize fleet efficiency research how GPS tracking systems can help their business.