According to the latest statistics, approximately 4.74 billion people are using social media around the globe.

Of course, social media is an irreplaceable part of our daily lives.

Earlier it was used only to share updates and stay connected with family members and with friends. But now the role of social media has undergone an immense change.

Social media sites serve as great tools for career and professional growth. They provide many features to upscale your career like – connecting with the target audience, and bringing due attention and traffic.

It also inspires people and businesses and helps them discover new ideas.

Social media sites are a great way to shape and kick-start a desirable career.

Here is the ultimate guide to using social media for career and professional growth.

Creating an Online Professional Presence

To grow professionally, you must have a prominent social footprint. Be it hunting for jobs or expanding your existing business, you should have an online presence.

It is a recent trend among recruiters to check out the social media handles of the candidates. Potential buyers also follow and tend to check out the social media handles of the business.

So, it is recommended that you have an account on at least some (two to three) professional social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter which will make you easily discoverable.

Creating a Portfolio or Website


A portfolio or a personal website is a great way to grab the necessary attention that your career needs.

When potential employers or recruiters visit your portfolio or website they form an impression about you and the first impression is very important.

A well-organized portfolio or website should be written professionally and must contain all your accomplishments and skill sets.

A very useful tool to build your portfolio or website is an essay writing service that you can trust like Writers Per Hour. It has experienced writers from MBA students to university professors and corporate employees who can craft well-structured and plagiarism-free content for your portfolio and website giving it a professional look and feel.

Research and Expand Your Knowledge

Social media sites are also the storehouse of knowledge. Thousands of authors and content creators share many of their works on social media sites.

You can follow industry leaders in your field and get inspiration from their life and works. The more you read and learn the better chances you have of professional growth.

With a strong foundation, you will be able to land a job easily or expand your business.

You can find lots of articles and blogs to strengthen your knowledge and ultimately use them to upgrade yourself to the latest trends going on in your field.

You can also publish articles on LinkedIn and post blogs on Facebook to reach out to your target audience – recruiters or potential clients.

Joining Online Courses and Boot Camps


You must choose the right career option and understand which job is most suitable for you.

Online courses and boot camps are a great way to upgrade yourself to the recent demands in markets. There are short-duration courses that can help you to have a professional head start and make you ready for a job.

Many professionals use social media platforms to impart knowledge, you can sign up for such courses.

Finding Jobs on Social Media

After the initial steps of creating an online presence and building your portfolio comes the part where you should start actively looking for jobs. Many sites like LinkedIn and Internshala can help you bag a job or internship easily.

These sites offer lots of filters that can help you modify your search for jobs with preference. You can also get familiar with your recruiters and follow them on LinkedIn. You can also learn about industry demands and requirements for the job you are applying for.

With thousands of companies and industry leaders present on social media sites it becomes a matter of time before you land your job interviews.

Just remember to keep your resume updated!

Growing Business Using Social Media


Startups and entrepreneurs can use social media platforms to expand their businesses online. They can find potential leads and customers easily through social networking and brand visibility.

You must first establish your brand value by creating a unique brand name and logo. Then start posting authentic content on social media platforms about your products and services.

You can broadcast your content to a vast pool of audiences. For instance, Instagram alone has over a billion active users monthly.

You can use social media to create a user base for your business and develop trust with your customers and promote your brand.

Having a Clean Social Footprint

You should behave on social media sites just like you do in real life. The fact that online interaction can go unnoticed should not be an excuse for inappropriate behavior online.

You must have a polite and professional approach and never post or share anything inappropriate or never give out false data about yourself.

Before posting or sharing anything online you must think twice about how your potential recruiter or employer may feel about it. Avoid sharing controversial content and refrain from comment wars and sharing personal opinions on sensitive issues.



As the famous saying goes, “With great power comes great responsibility”. This is very true for all social media sites as well.

They are a very powerful tool that everyone has access to very easily. You must keep in mind privacy concerns and data protection.

Think before sharing anything personal and always try to verify with whom you are dealing.

The dynamics of social media are ever-changing and you must keep up with the changes that are taking place. If you understand the algorithm of working on these social media sites it will be very easy for you to post relevant posts and content that are engaging, this will ultimately help you to grow your career.