Search Engine Optimizing is mandatory if ranking in front of your competitors on the search result list is a priority for you and your business. SEO is a trend that’s used both by smaller and larger enterprises, and it’s pretty safe to say that it’s one of the most important ones when it comes to exposure and expansion.

For those of you who might be new into this, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it determines the “difficulty” for other people to find your business, product, or service on the internet. The better your content is optimized, the more you’ll be appearing.

Since we feel like this is of huge importance even for someone who just recently made a website, we decided to come up with a guide that can help even the freshest faces in the SEO world. There’s a lot to talk about, so let’s not keep this introduction any longer and jump straight into the content.

The importance of SEO


This cannot be an ultimate guide without explaining the importance and how search engine optimization works. Let’s take a look at this simple example.

If you own a barbershop, but you’re not the only one with such a business in your area, optimizing your content and your website will make it a lot easier for you to attract customers. How? Well, when someone searches for “barber service” without really specifying any name or location, usually something called “Local SEO” plays a huge role in the results that will come up. If anything else comes up other than your business, you’ve lost a customer.

So, now that we know how important this is to maintain your company, brand or shop up and running successfully, let’s take a look at how you can help others as well by building your own SEO business.

Starting your own business


With your own business that focuses on providing search engine optimization services, your goal is to help others maintain their “barbershop” up and running. It’s not easy to become the leader of something like this, not to mention being successful at it, so let’s focus on what’s important.

One of the things that people will most care about is how experienced and professional you and your team is in the world of search engine optimization. It may sound funny, but the easiest way to check this would be to simply google “the best SEO company near me”, and if you don’t show up with some good results, chances are that they won’t be impressed.

So, the first and most important thing would be to deliver some great search results yourself. Focus on building your brand and letting others know what you do. The more they talk about your business, the higher the chances of scoring a new customer.

Find your target audience

Different people want different things, and what you want is to find your target audience and start delivering what they require. Are you going to work on a global level or just with local businesses? Are you going to start slow or you’ll offer your service to larger enterprises right away? These are all important decisions that you have to make through a lot of thinking and strategizing. After you find your audience, it’s much easier to start delivering what they need.

Specify what you offer


Some SEO agencies work only with websites, while others optimize other types of content as well. You have to be clear about what you offer so that you don’t waste both your time and the time of your customer. If you work with websites for example, and you want to take a look at an example of how other companies decide to advertise, you can take a look at They’re a company that’s based in Dubai and they offer all sorts of website optimizations to boost sales. Seeing how more successful agencies operate is a great way to start paving your road towards success.

Invest in marketing

The best product or service is the one with the most marketing behind it, so as a new business that joined into the corporate world just recently, you should be especially paying attention to how much you appear in the searches of others. Advertising should be done strategically, and it doesn’t have to be aggressive for it to be successful.

Come up with a unique concept


It’s not a secret that most of us are already tired with “the same old” that we keep seeing on Facebook and Instagram, which is why it’s so important for every new and smaller business to enter the corporate world with a fresh and unique concept of working.

Don’t skyrocket the prices

We know that especially at times like these, smaller businesses and enterprises are endangered, but being such a new competitor, you cannot skyrocket the prices and make them close to those that a company with 15 years of working experience has. Starting slow and then increasing them as your reputation builds up is the way to go. Don’t be impatient because that will lead to many bad decisions.

Appearance matters


Investing in a logo, a website designer and a unique marketing concept is of huge importance because the way people view you on social media and other networks will determine how many customers you’re going to have in the long-run. There’s a reason why so many large brands invest millions in their internet appearance.

Reviews and recommendations

Although every advertising effort matters and plays a huge role in your success, the best marketing is the one that’s spread by word of mouth. However, spreading the word by mouth is no longer what it was a few decades ago, so now it has a completely new and improved look that comes in the form of online customer reviews.

When a person pays for your service, you can politely ask them to leave a rating either in the form of a text or just stars on the scale from one to five. The more positive reviews you have, the more success in the long-term. People really care about their money these days, so they’ll most certainly double-check before choosing, so make sure to impress them by presenting what others have to say about your work.