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Before starting a blog on Instagram, it is needed to create an account, whether it is personal or business, according to your needs. Here, you can create a full-fledged account on Instagram with the help of these steps, as discussed below.

To set up an account over Instagram or commence a blog, you need to turn your account to business or create a new one. There are various benefits of having a business account, and you can follow the steps to turn your account to business:

  • Open the Instagram app and follow the process of sign-up.
  • Once your account is created over Instagram, now switch the account to business.
  • Now, get into the settings, scroll down and find the option “Switch to Business Profile”.

Beneficial A Business Account While Blogging Over Instagram

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  • You already set up your Business account, and it is time to share the benefits that you can take from a Business Account over Instagram.
  • Insights: The business profile offers an ability to check out their insights as well as for analytics. It enables the users to notice that from where the followers belong demographically, when the maximum number of engagements will a post gain and how far the post reach and much more.
  • Insights are crucial if you would like to know what is working over Instagram and what is not. When you are going to blog with the help of an actual website, then you will get access to the number of juicy analytics that will help you out during the strategies.
  • On the other side, if you are blogging from Instagram, then there is no such direct analytics offered like on the website whereas you can get some of the information through the Instagram Insights.
  • You can get benefit from the Business Account of Instagram through the Instagram Insights!


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Through the Instagram business profile, you can also promote the posts as similar to that of Facebook.

With a business profile, you will be able to promote posts, similar to boosting posts on Facebook. This allows users to promote their profiles in order to grow them. If you do not need ads, then it is okay but the option is quite good!

Links throughout the Stories

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There is an option of “Swipe up” while posting a story. If you own around 10,000+ followers, then you can take advantage by adding relevant links to your stories. Still, you do have an ample number of opportunities to earn some income on Instagram without a blog. The feature of swipe up is useful if you want to use the strategy of monetization along with affiliation marketing.

Contact Button

Having a contact button in your profile opens up two ways that the user can use to communicate with you, such as Email. They can also contact you through direct messages.

You can also use the tool if you want to spy over the activities of other bloggers on Instagram.