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Ever since its inception, YouTube has quickly risen through the ranks of media sharing platforms. Widely acclaimed for being the top video sharing platform of the world, YouTube holds lots of avenues for entertainment seekers and similarly, for businesses. You can see millions of YouTubers roaming about these days. These are people who have turned their knowledge and passion into a source of income for themselves and well if they can do it, why can’t you? So, that’s why we’re going to talk about small business ideas that you can start on YouTube today. Here it goes:

Gaming Channel

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Gaming is a widely loved hobby. There are millions of gamers out there who like seeing others play as much as they love playing games themselves. This is where you can come in.

You can start by live streaming your gameplay or by posting videos of your gameplay. Just pick any game you know you’re good at, such as Call of Duty, Fortnite, Fifa, etc. and start showcasing your gameplay in front of people.

If people like your gameplay, they would subscribe to your channel and eventually, you’ll have a large enough following for you to become an influencer, for this you need to have a lot of subscribers, In this regard Smartlikes can help you by providing subscribers and views on cheap rates, of the sort, giving you the opportunity to reach out to gaming brands and getting them to sponsor you.

Travel vlogger

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A vlog is short for a video log. Think of it as a logbook and documentation of people’s lives. Travel vlogging is especially dominant nowadays due to its informative nature.

By informative, what we basically mean is that people like to see different places, things to do in different places and generally how one should spend time in these places. You can start recording your journeys and posting them on YouTube for people to view.

One way or another, you can earn by either brand endorsements and/or advertisements placed by YouTube through the Monetization scheme. Eventually, this can become a proper business for you as companies start to take you on trips and you earn enough to sustain yourself.

Product Reviewer

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This is a category rather than a business itself. You can give reviews for a wide range of products, starting from tech, makeup, and cosmetics all the way up to cars, etc.!

Establishing yourself in one specific niche is very important in order for you to become a point of influence and authority. When you’ve amassed a steady following, people will start basing their purchase decisions on your recommendations.

This is why some reviewers are hired at the tip of their fingers by firms. They are paid handsome amounts in exchange for reviews of their products as the companies know how much influence these reviewers have on their audience.

Affiliate Marketer

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Affiliate marketing is when you get paid to refer to products. It works through customized URLs placed in YouTube videos by the creators.

You can become an affiliate marketer by signing up for a firm’s affiliate marketing program and then discussing and recommending their product to your viewers. You can place a custom URL to the product or to the site in your YouTube video’s description.

Whenever a user clicks on the link and goes on to make a purchase, you’re paid a commission on the sale. Thereby, the higher the number of sales, the higher your commission!

Program screen caster

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There are several programs out there that users are not well versed in. If you know the ins and outs of these programs, such as Adobe Photoshop, you can post recordings of your screen showcasing how to use the program.

People would come to you for knowledge as well as to find solutions to their problems. This can be a good way of earning as being a point of authority on a specific program or set of programs can help you land deals with the developers of these programs.

Additionally, developers of new programs might pay you to review their programs and to advertise their programs through your channel.

Motivational Speaker

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A motivational speaker is an individual that works to pump up the morale of people. You can become a motivational speaker and start to show the positive side of life to people.

Amidst the wide array of mental health issues prevailing nowadays, your efforts to lighten people’s lives up can amass quite a bit of following.

Your speeches can help a lot of people come over their anxieties and eventually, they might even pay you for 1-on-1 counseling sessions (just as an example).

They might even contact you for help regarding matters of their lives, e.g. if you’re a motivational speaker about businesses, entrepreneurs might pay you to consult with them on matters pertaining to their companies.


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Being a comedian is not a piece of cake but it certainly isn’t impossible. Owing to YouTube’s nature of operations, publicizing your work as a comedian is much easier than before.

You can prepare skits and post videos of them on YouTube for people to see. Humor is something that is widely appreciated by people around the world and that’s why it is a huge opportunity for you to put your talent to use.

Eventually, people might hire you for private parties, thus making it a full-scale business for you! You get to work on your own terms, whenever you want, however you want! How sweet is that, right?

News Channel

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You can use YouTube to start a news channel as well. Just put on a nice suit, open prominent news outlets and start delivering the latest breaking news to people.

Try to make yourself different from conventional news channels by adding or subtracting something. For example, you might add a touch of humor to news or focus entirely on news specific to one industry, etc.

People like viewing the news as it keeps them updated with current affairs and that’s why you should come into this space.

You should try to maintain your channel’s authenticity by cross-checking each news with several outlets before finally posting it. Eventually, when you’ve amassed a steady following, brands might approach you for their advertisements, thus getting you some well-deserved revenue!

Makeup and Beauty Artist

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As a makeup artist, you can give makeup tutorials to people. You can review makeup products too, earning yourself the stature of being an authority on makeup items. You can try out different makeup setups in order to attract different kinds of people.

Additionally, you can advise people on how to care for themselves and their hair etc., suggest products to them and teach them how to use these products in the most optimal manner possible.