Cutting expenses and having a little extra money in our pockets is something we all dream about. The common perception, though, is that limiting expenses will result in a lifestyle that, in word, could be described as bland.

Thankfully, this perception is flawed, and it’s entirely possible to live great while saving money and keeping yourself well out of debt.

The trick? Changing your mindset, learning that budgeting doesn’t necessarily mean pinching every penny, and perfecting the art of balancing frugality without sacrificing luxury. According to My Wealth Solutions it is always better to have more income coming in than there are expenses going out.

Try not to sweat it too much as well, because with a little help you can make better use of your money.

Here are some tips that will put you on your way to living that limitless lifestyle without breaking the bank.

Cut The Debt


Perhaps one of the greatest impediments to a “limitless life” is debt. Strategies for expanding your options on living luxuriously center around tackling and eliminating debt so it no longer poses an obstacle.

Some of the advice in this domain is fairly common knowledge: take out those large bills and slash frivolous expenses that are draining your bank account from month to month. This can range from using less electricity and cutting your cable to canceling subscription services and switching to a cheaper cell phone plan. The options for savings are there, provided you’ve got the creativity to think about how to remove such expenses from your life without suffering greatly as far as the quality of life is concerned.

What about personal debt and other forms of financial hardship that might be slowing you down, though? Cutting expenses will put some extra money in your pocket to put toward paying off what you owe, but if you want to start getting rid of that debt faster, it wouldn’t hurt to also consult a few online information sources specifically geared toward helping people develop strategies to control and reduce their debt. For more information visit

These resources can help you gain a clearer picture of why your debt may have increased, what you can do to pay it down, and how you can keep it from returning by developing a sound budget. Once your debt is cleared, you’ll find that living better will become significantly easier.

Develop Your Plan


We touched on budgeting above, which is really just a form of planning out your finances. Careful planning, as it turns out, is another way in which you can stretch your dollars and live a good life without having to spend more than you need.

Major purchases, for instance, don’t have to be a spur of the moment. There are numerous “gameplans,” already in existence, that can help you strategize about the best way to but the big-ticket items you might need.

Beyond that, though, you can also plan for what you’ll need to get by targeting specific “buying seasons”. Retailers offer numerous discounts throughout the year, be it for Black Friday or some other special event, and taking advantage of these opportunities can go a long way toward saving money that you can put toward living your life the way you want.

Along with planning for purchases, you should also plan for potential rough times. Saving money for emergencies is part and parcel of living that limitless lifestyle, and by tucking away a bit of what you save from slashing your debt, getting deals, etc. you can build a reserve that you can call on for those times when you need it.

Take Advantage Of The Opportunities


Planning how you spend is but one part of the equation. You’ll also need to take advantage of opportunities to bring in more where you can. Just because your budget is limited, that doesn’t mean it has to stay limited to the same amount.

For some, that might mean starting a side hustle that you can perform without a hefty time investment (some kinds of eCommerce, for instance, can be performed at your leisure). Or perhaps you already have a form of business but can retool how you’re doing things to cut costs and improve revenues.

When you pounce on opportunities to simultaneously increase what you’re bringing in while intelligently spending on what you need, you’ll find plenty of extra money in your pockets to start living that limitless life, even if you might have started with a severely limited budget.