Did you know that 64% of individuals are more likely to purchase a product or service online after viewing a video?

Video marketing is one of the most useful tools for digital marketers whether they are attempting to launch a startup or expanding an existing business. With the advent of video-hosting platforms such as YouTube and mobile smartphones, knowing how to utilize YouTube marketing is a must for any eCommerce business today.

Streamline Your YouTube Account’s Appearance


According to Airy when creating a YouTube account for your eCommerce store, it is important to use the same name as your official URL if possible. Using the same URL and name prevents causing confusion among users who may be searching for your content in the future. Streamlining your YouTube account’s appearance also includes uploading the same high-quality logo used on your official website, blog, and any other social media platform you currently use.

Using the same logo, color scheme, and name on all platforms and websites helps with building your brand and establishing your eCommerce store as a reputable online source.

Devise a Content Marketing Strategy

Devising a content marketing strategy is extremely important when you are running an eCommerce business. Original content that is relevant to your industry and the audience you intend to reach can help with garnering new followers and piquing the interest of online shoppers. 

Frequently and regularly research keywords and phrases that are trending in your preferred market or niche. Use tools such as Google Trends to keep track of various topics, keywords, and phrases that are most searched for in your industry before crafting and publishing new content. The more unique and engaging your content is, the easier it becomes to build a loyal and dedicated online following.

The Power of Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing has become more powerful than ever with the rise of popular individuals on a variety of social media platforms. Connecting with other YouTubers who are considered influencers in your market is a great way to promote your products while spreading the word of your eCommerce brand and business.

Offer Tutorials and How-To’s

Creating and sharing tutorials or how-to videos is another way to quickly gain an online following as you establish your eCommerce brand on YouTube and elsewhere using social media platforms.

Because online users are always looking to learn something new, providing useful and unique tutorials is a great way to establish your business as trustworthy, reliable, and authoritative. As an eCommerce website, your goal is to generate sales and revenue, which is why establishing trust plays a major role in the process of becoming successful online.

Use High-Quality Edits, Animations, and Graphics


A YouTube channel is nothing without high-quality graphics, photography, animations, and editing. With so many tools and programs readily available online, uploading an outdated, cheesy, or simply unattractive video to YouTube can quickly turn users away. YouTubers today are well-versed with various programs on both desktop computers as well as programs on both Android and iOS smartphones. 

Knowing how to edit, animate, and design videos properly can ultimately make or break the success of your YouTube channel and the online presence you present for your eCommerce store. If you are not sure of where to begin when it comes to the design and editing of your videos, consider working together with a professional or a freelancer. 

Working with a freelance illustrator, graphic designer, and even with a professional video editor is a way to provide your followers and potential shoppers with the high-quality videos they need to make a purchase. High-quality, professional, and appealing videos can help drastically increase the number of sales you are able to generate with your eCommerce store.

Engage With Your Subscribers

Engaging with subscribers is a key element involved in building a successful eCommerce store with YouTube. Establishing trust is imperative when selling products or offering services online, especially if you are building a business from the ground up. Showcase transparency by responding to comments and offering guidance to commenters to build trust and loyalty with your subscribers.

Consider Migrating Your Business to the Cloud


If you are currently using a solution such as Magento for your eCommerce business, consider moving your website from cPanel to the cloud. Choosing to migrate Magento store to the cloud is a way to drastically increase the speed of your website, helping to retain viewers and visitors you receive from YouTube. You can find more information on the blog of the company Mageworx.

When you choose to use an eCommerce solution such as Magento, you also gain access to hundreds of themes, plugins, and extension. A Magento extension can offer everything from SEO, or search engine optimization, social media integration with your eCommerce blog.

Using a Magento extension, custom theme, and various plugins while hosting your eCommerce store on the cloud is a way to deliver a truly unique experience to all of your visitors.