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The 2017 US Agricultural Census showed an increase in the number of farmers under 35. According to the collected data, most of these young people have a college degree and did not inherit the farm; 27% of all US producers are first-generation beginner farmers with ten years of experience. In addition, agriculture itself has changed over the past ten years, with many new practices and innovative solutions for agriculture that you can learn about here. We have collected five tips for those who want to make their way in agriculture in this piece.

Best Business Farming Ideas

Today, there are many ideas for generating income in the agricultural sector. Here we will offer you some of the most popular ones, which do not require significant investments and are suitable for beginners.

Tree Nursery

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With the right approach, a nursery can be an excellent investment. You can start with a few dozen seedlings on a small plot of land and sell the young trees before they mature. Marketing strategy plays an important role. Also, explore all the possibilities for obtaining trees from organic sources. Fruit trees, for example, can be propagated by grafting or by joining several plants. Thanks to these methods, a variety of plants can be obtained in contrast to conventional seeds. 

It is advisable to offer as wide a selection of trees as possible to make your nursery successful. Thus, customers can find what they need. However, you should think about which trees and what quantity will be in demand in your area. You can also offer trees to various landscaping companies. Of course, this is only relevant if you are attracted to the decorative art of growing, for example, bonsai.

Bee Farming 

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One of the most attractive aspects of beekeeping is that there is no need to make significant investments to start this business. You will need no more than $1000 to create capital. In addition, beekeeping by-products include pollen, wax, and royal milk. Bee pollen and royal jelly are popular superfoods with a high price tag. So you can sell not only honey, and this already potentially gives you several sources of income. However, before practicing beekeeping, check if the law allows you to do it in your area.

You can get your first bees in a variety of ways. The beginners can buy different types of hives or a bee bag, and you can also catch the hive yourself if there are a lot of bees in your area.

For beginners in beekeeping, a nuclear hive is a good choice. This type of hive will help you understand the basics of the craft and will make it easier to raise bees. It is also worth purchasing protective gear, various equipment for hives, and a bee brush and honey extractor.

Snail Farming

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Snail farming can be a high income, as most species of large snails can be eaten and are sold at a reasonably high price. Depending on your region, you will have to research the preferred snail species, what habitat is suitable for them, and how to manage their environment. It is essential to know the primary sources of food for snails and learn their reproduction process to breed them successfully.

In the United States, snail breeding can thrive in California, as it is the most suitable climate. The beginners can get their first snails pretty quickly.  You can ask local farmers to collect them from the fields. Thus, everyone can benefit, as snails are considered agricultural pests.

Hydroponic Farming 

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Hydroponics is a relatively new technology for growing crops without using soil. Instead, plant roots come into contact with nutrient-rich water. Thus, you can protect plants from diseases and pests, as well as various contaminants. Products grown in this way are popular with health-conscious consumers. Hydroponics does not require significant investments and a large plot of land, while the growth rate of crops increases.

This growing system is also more environmentally friendly. There are several types of hydroponics, including static, aeroponics, ebb and flow, and continuous flow. These systems differ in the way they supply water to the plants. Check with the experts before choosing one of these systems.


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Microgreens are in great demand as a salad additive or side dish. These are young herbs or vegetables that are no more than 14 days old. They are rich in vitamins and have a rather attractive appearance. Newcomers to agriculture will grow them quickly and without making a significant investment to start. Another advantage of growing microgreens is that there is no need for a large plot of land. A small space is enough for you, and you can sell them in restaurants for $50 a pound.

Fruit Picking Farms

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Hobbyists and adventurous farmers can expand their income streams by considering a fruit picking offer. This activity is popular as weekend entertainment for families and tourists. Farmers benefit from this method as it allows them to reduce the cost of harvesting staff. What’s more, customers come to the farm themselves, so you don’t need to transport anything.

Farmers who choose this model should consider several aspects. Firstly, it is recommended to grow several types of products to attract more buyers. In addition to fruit trees, you can also grow berries. Second, take care of parking spaces for visitors. The third point to keep in mind is pesticides and their potential effects on your customers. Take care to minimize this impact. The farm should be a safe and customer-friendly place so that you can get as many good reviews as possible and attract more buyers. In addition, agro-tourism requires a well-thought-out marketing strategy and trained staff, which also requires investment.

Farm Machinery 

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Agricultural machinery is also one of the most lucrative ideas for agribusiness. Farmers need it for tillage, planting, harvesting, irrigation, and other activities. The world market for agricultural machinery is expanding significantly and will continue to do so in connection with the emergence and development of new technologies and farming practices. Companies selling excavators, large wheel loaders, and other agricultural equipment and vehicles make high returns. For example, in the 4th quarter of 2024, the AGCO Corporation from the United States had revenues of $2.7 billion. CNH Industrial N.V. (NYSE: CNHI) raised $8.5 billion from London.