Cloud telephony needs no introduction today. Businesses across the world swear by its viability in establishing, operating, and maintaining business communication without much of grueling. They have witnessed great ROI increments after they started using the cloud phone system. Many businesses have managed to save 50-70% of investment after switching to cloud telephony.

Yes, you read that right. Once you learn to use cloud-based business phone number intelligently, you can easily enjoy 50-70% of cost-saving. Is it hard to believe for you? Well, read this.

Setting up a cloud-based phone system can be done at $0 investment.


Do you know that the deployment of your on-premise business communication system can cost you as much as $ 20,000?

Yes. The on-premise phone system typically starts from $20,000, which is huge. The reason being is that in the case of an on-premise phone system, the business has to bear the software & hardware procurement cost and has to deploy a dedicated team for system maintenance. On the other hand, the cloud phone system can be as cheap as $0, as stated by

For using cloud telephony, you do not need to spend a fortune on system deployment and maintenance. In cloud communication, all the software required is already deployed in the cloud. The business has to pay a fixed monthly fee to gain access. If you have business operating at multiple locations, then also there is no need to deploy a separate communication system at separate locations. Users can log in from anywhere and start using it.

As far as maintenance is concerned, you can manage your cloud-telephony resources through an easy-to-use web portal offered by your VoIP service provider. You can change the features, create a call group, upload the custom greetings, and do whatever you want to do through this portal. System updates will be taken care of by the service provider. This sort of online system maintenance eliminates the need to own a dedicated maintenance team and save a lot.

No need to pay for dummy phone numbers

If you are using a traditional PSTN phone number, then the odds are high that you are still paying for dummy phone numbers to make sure that you never miss a call. Dummy phone numbers are alternative phone lines that businesses use for call rollover when the main business phone number line is busy. Paying for dummy lines exert a great financial burden on the business.

With an online phone number, getting a dummy phone number is unnecessary, as a single phone number can handle as many calls that come at once. For example, if your company has 100 employees, you need not buy 99 dummy numbers.

One cloud-based office phone system can use the same phone number. You can set as many extensions as you want and curb the possibilities of lines being busy. For cloud-based office phone system, you can check

You can work efficiently with a fewer workforce


Hiring a qualified and efficient workforce is a key aspect of running a business. A business has to spend a lot on hiring, training, and retaining its workforce. With cloud-telephony, many administrative tasks are automated, and it eliminates the need to hire some specific key man force.

For instance, your cloud-based online number comes with an auto call answering facility that directs the calls to the desired destinations without any receptionist’s assistance. This further reduces the Direct Inward Dialing (DIDs) costs.

Calling is cheap

Using copper-wired based call transmitting is generally costly. In the case of cloud-telephony, the voice signals are transmitted over an internet connection, which is way cheaper than the traditional calling system. An average call on an online phone number consumes the only 6kbit. That means more savings are on your way.

Reaching out global business opportunities is pocket-friendly


No business can turn an eye towards globalization. Just as true as is globalization, high international call incurring cost is also a fact. Making long-distance calls through landline phones is highly costly while using cloud telephony for the same purpose brings a cost-effective deal.

By using an international online phone number, you can make international calls at local call rates. You can allow your customers to call you without being worried about high international calling charges, as well.

You need not invest in a particular type of equipment

In the case of a traditional PSTN-based telephony system, you are forced to purchase a specific type of equipment, i.e., landline phones, to stay connected. That means you need to buy it separately for each of your employees, which is again a costly affair. Cloud telephony sets you free from this implication as your cloud-based business number can work from any of the data-driven devices such as laptops, PC, tablets, and mobile phones.

In today’s digital world, almost everyone is using a laptop and a mobile phone. So, you need not buy dedicated equipment for your employees. They can answer business calls from their mobile phones as well.

The viability of cloud telephony in cost-saving is unquestionable. So, switch to cloud telephony and start relishing over its ample of cost-saving benefits.