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It’s the dream to make a living from your phone, and some people do it. While I can’t promise that any of these methods will make you productive or replace your job, I can say they will put some extra cash in your pocket and are very easy. All it takes is to download the right apps, using them correctly, and to collect that sweet, sweet cash.

Cashback Apps

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These are my favorites. This includes apps like Ibotta, Rakuten, Honey, and Swagbucks. Each app is different, but the methods are similar across them. In short, these apps give you money back based on your spending. Some apps are geared more towards physical shopping (because you can’t get everything online just yet), while others are more about online shopping. Others focus on deals, and others still have rotating sales and deals to take advantage of.

Have you heard of affiliate marketing? According to, all cashback apps use affiliate marketing and try to include you in the profits. Affiliate marketing means that an affiliate (the app) referred you to a store (physical or online), and they get a commission based on your spending. In this case, you are getting 50% of the commission, which means you’re getting a bonus just for buying your regular items. These apps are great and very easy to use. I highly suggest downloading one or more today.

Focus Groups and Surveys

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Want to share your opinion with companies in exchange for cash or gift cards? There are apps like UserTesting, uTest, Neilsen, and Viggle that all provide you with money just for sharing your opinion. Some of these, like Viggle, even give you points just for being allowed to pay attention to what you watch on Netflix and Hulu.

Companies are always trying to discover what their customers are thinking, and these surveys give them more info to work with. In exchange for helping them better understand your needs and viewpoints, you will get cash. While reviews may not be your thing, these apps often have other options for making money while still allowing companies to collect the information they want.

Sell Stuff

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There’s an easy way and a hard way to go about this. I’ll explain both. I can’t say which is more profitable since it all depends on what you have and how much work you’re willing to put in, but you’ll make money when you sell stuff. There are many apps like eBay, LetGo, Poshmark (specifically for clothes), Depop, and more. You can easily list your item and see who’s interested. Some apps have specific items or only cater to local pickup while others are general and allow shipping to outside states or countries.

Now, the easy way is to sell your stuff—no money to put in and no extra work, aside from taking photos and listing the item. The harder way is to get the eBay or Amazon app and go hunting at your favorite stores. You’ll be surprised with the profit you can make by checking the clearance section. Scan the items and see if they are selling below eBay and Amazon prices. If so, buy it and list it. This takes time as many items will be cheaper online already, and you have to list them and ship them (if anyone buys them), but it’s an excellent way to make extra money.

Driving Food and People

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I put these together because you’re using your car for both, but they are very different. Apps like Lyft and Uber let you be your own taxi service while Grubhub let you deliver food for a percentage (and hopefully with tips). Extroverts who like people will probably prefer Lyft and Uber, while those who’d rather not deal with people might like delivering food.

Many people are making the right amount of money with these services, and they can turn into a full-time job if you’re dedicated and willing to put in the hours. However, be sure to mark all your spending so you can write it off and keep your car in good condition. Plus, it helps to be nice as people will rate you, and bad ratings can make this very difficult.

Gigs and Services

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Willing to do a little work? There are some apps where people can post small jobs, and you can get money for completing them. Handy is suitable for people who know how to work on electronics, wood, floors, sinks, and more. Post a profile and respond to requests. Most people make about $20-45 an hour, but you need the skills to pay the bills. If you don’t know your way around tools, then you might want to try the next app.

Gigwalk is a little more general. People can post small gigs, and you can get paid for helping out. Most gigs pay anywhere from $3 to $100, depending on what’s needed. Some gigs will only take a few minutes while others will require a few hours, it depends. However, there is always something new there for you to do.

Minor Research

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Are you the type of person who already knows a lot or doesn’t mind doing some secondary research? JustAnswer is right for you. This website has been around for a long time and it allows people to post questions with a bounty on them. Give the best answer, and you’ll be rewarded with the displayed amount.

If you have advanced knowledge of a subject or know about lesser-known topics, then this might be good for you. However, the answers typically require more than a quick Google search, so you’ll have to be well-versed in researching to get the right information.


There are many ways to make money with your phone with the right apps. From getting cashback on your purchases to selling stuff and making a profit (who knows, those could always go together), there are many opportunities if you know where to look. Just keep an open mind, try some of these methods out, and see how much you can make.