It’s no secret that video is the most popular online content today. Millions of people prefer visual communication to read texts or learning instructions. Agree that it is much easier and faster to watch a tutorial video on how to make a cake or make a clay flower pot, instead of reading a complicated article on several pages.

It looks like our brain really perceives moving pictures in a completely different way. It remains only to wait until the usual textbook at school will be replaced by video. In this article, we will look at one useful life hack on how to not only watch clips on social networks but also download any content from Instagram for offline viewing.

The secret way to work with Instagram


Thinking about social networks, many people assume that in order to use them, it is necessary to register a personal page. This is partly true because by having a personal account you can subscribe to your friends and share the events of your life.

But if for some reason you do not want to register a personal page on Instagram, you can use the content without any restrictions. In particular, you can view the open page through your browser on the Internet from a mobile device or through a computer. And with an Instagram photo video downloader, you can even download any content for free.

Many social networks, Insta is no exception, allow you to view content only within their ecosystem, and you usually must have a personal account to access it. But with Bigbangram, you can easily retrieve any photos or videos that other users have posted. And one doesn’t have to be a computer genius in order to do so!

If you have the Instagram app installed on your smartphone, open the post you like and click on the three dots at the top. You will see a link icon. Click on it to copy the URL. For those who do not have the application, you can find it through any browser on your computer. Open the post in full screen and copy the characters in the address bar of your browser.

After that, go to the Bigbangram downloader website and paste the copied data into the search bar and click the “Download” button (it’s big and pink). You won’t have to wait long, because the service works very fast.

In just half a minute it will show you the file that is published on this link photo or video. Please note that this instrument only works if you request a link from a public account that is open to a wide audience. Unfortunately, you will not be able to approach photos from closed pages.

The service allows you to download materials in their original quality. If we are talking about video, then you will get a picture and sound without distortion and compression. As for the photographs, they are also not compressed, and you can get them in the same quality in which the author uploaded them. Videos are saved in MP4 format, while photos are saved in JPG.

How to use the saved content


The easiest and most obvious way to employ the materials you have downloaded from Instagram is to view them offline without access to the Internet and without entering the app. This is very much true for educational content. Today in this social network there are millions of videos of various life hacks, instructions, and detailed explanations of how to do something that simplifies our life.

With the help of Instagram, one can learn a foreign language, watch video workouts of professional trainers, learn how to cook favorite dishes, and do needlework. When you find an interesting video while scrolling the feed, you can immediately download it to your smartphone or computer. This way you don’t have to look for this material among the bookmarks when you need it urgently.

In addition, downloaded files can be sent to friends using Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, and other messengers, or posted on your pages in another social network such as Facebook or TikTok when it comes to video. If you run a blog, then original content from Instagram will help you fill the page.

Of course, when using someone else’s photographs and video recordings, it is necessary to indicate the source so as not to violate copyright. If you are concerned about the question of how legal it is to use such a service, I can assure you that when you take it from a public account, you do not violate anything.

If a person or company posts something on an open page, then it is understood that people can take a screenshot, for example, and thus gain access to this content. So you can safely download materials you like. You will not break anything unless you use them for commercial purposes.


On the Internet, you can find many recommendations on how to download some content from Instagram. Some of them are quite complicated, I must say! I would recommend that you refrain from programs that need to be installed on your computer or smartphone because all these programs are not licensed and developed by third parties not associated with the social network.

Therefore, you cannot be sure of their safety, such software can be malicious and can steal your personal data. Be especially careful if some application asks you to enter a phone number, your e-mail, or your Instagram username. Read the information about the developer carefully before downloading any app.

It is safest to utilize the tools in the browser. First, you don’t have to install anything. Secondly, the browser works regardless of what operating system or model of electronic device you have. And of course, you should not buy any paid programs if the services like Bigbangram exist absolutely free. I hope this article will be useful to you, and you will utilize Instagram like the most advanced user in the world.