Businesses in Melbourne, small or big, will eventually need extra storage space. While stock can be stored temporarily in other rooms, it will hinder business processes and confuse workers.

Not to mention that your business operation centre must be full to almost bursting.

Therefore, the best solution would be to rent storage for stock. Of course, your first thought from the word ‘storage’ is a self-storage facility. However, there is a more cost-effective and flexible service called business storage.

Business storage specialised in storage solely for business. With specialised storage options and top-notch service, you can save time and money without hassle and stress.

Keep scrolling and you’ll learn all the information you need to know about business storage.

Business Storage Explained



All businesses can benefit from business storage because it caters to small, online, large, retail, and food businesses.

Business storage can be divided into three services, which are warehouse storage, 3PL warehousing, and private storage unit. What’s the difference between them?

Warehouse storage is a storage system where you as a business owner rent a pallet space, a whole pallet rack, or a floor space.

3PL warehousing is quite similar to warehouse storage. However, on top of the storage services, 3PL warehousing also gives customers pick, pack, and delivery services.

Lastly, a private storage unit is a service for people who want to separate their stock to be protected with a weatherproof container and prevent damage.

You can choose either one of these services for your storage needs.

How Business Storage Save Your Time

Every business has different storage needs and finding the right service can help shave off some time for other business necessities.

You can save more time by choosing the right collection option, as well. There are two collection options for every storage service, which are;

  • Self-delivery and pickup service, where you deliver your stock to the storage facility and collect it once you are ready.
  • Pickup and delivery service, where the company comes to your premises and collects the stock for you. Then, they will redeliver your stock at your request.

If you choose the pickup and delivery service, you won’t waste time driving around Melbourne with a rented truck. All you need to do is reserve a space and request a collection through phone or email. You won’t need to pack anything, either. Just leave all the heavy lifting to the storage professionals.

For small, medium, and online businesses, 3PL warehousing might be the best choice. Not only do you get extra space for your stock, but you also get full delivery service.

The company will receive, pick, pack, and dispatch your products for you. Compared to delivering yourself, this method is far more efficient. Therefore, you will have more time to focus on other aspects of the business.

As for larger businesses, a private storage unit might be the best solution. You will have a huge amount of stock, and pallet space might not fit all of them.

One 20ft container has a capacity of 32-38 cubic metres and can fit 25 king-sized beds comfortably. With all your things stored in one space, you can access them all at once and it cuts a significant amount of time.

How Business Storage Saves Your Money

All the storage services are affordable. For warehouse and 3PL storage, the price started at $1.10 per day. There are some delivery fees (if you use pickup and delivery service) you have to pay, but you only need to pay them once.

For storage units, there are different prices because there are four different unit sizes. The sizes are;

  • 6ft Containers, $3.27 per day, 10 cubic metres.
  • 8ft Containers, $4.7 per day, 11.5 cubic metres.
  • 10ft Containers, $6.13 per day, 16-19 cubic metres.
  • 20ft Containers, $8.56 per day, 32-38 cubic metres.

Choosing the right container size will help you save a considerable amount of money, especially if you are renting long-term.

With the right size, you can be sure that every inch of the container is filled and waste no money paying for empty space.

Another way business storage can save you money is by giving you complimentary protective materials. Before storage, all stock must be layered with protective materials, such as;

  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing papers
  • Boxes
  • Furniture blankets
  • Tie-downs

All of these protective materials are usually sold cheaply by storage companies. However, there are some industry leaders that will offer all of these for free.

If you find the right company that gives you free protective materials, you can save a lot of money and allocate that cost to something else that helps the business.

Alongside the protective materials, all of your stock will be stored indoors. Warehouse and 3PL storage mainly used pallets inside a warehouse that are protected by a sturdy roof and walls.

Private storage units are also made of quality steel that protects your stock from weather, dust, and vermin.

Therefore, no matter what service you choose, there will be minimal to no damage to your stock. Without damaged stock, you don’t have to pay for replacements as much as you used to.


Business storage is the best storage solution for small, medium, or large businesses. There are three business storage services, which are warehouse storage, 3PL warehousing, and private storage units.

With convenient collection systems and special delivery features, business storage can help save a significant amount of time that can be allocated to other parts of the business.

Business storage also helps you save money because of cheap prices, which are less than $10 per day. There are also complementary protective materials that help business owners protect their stock but keep their budgets slim.

Lastly, all the stock is stored indoors, so there will be no damage to your products. No damaged products mean no excessive stock replacement. That saves a lot of money and is better used to strengthen other parts of the business.