Thanks to this super-fast way of life we are forced to live today, who would have thought that a microwave would be so useful… Or that we will feel like being without hands when we forget our mobile phone somewhere. Many would say that this is an addiction, but the truth is, it’s just a necessity.

Looking at how we work today, we also had to get used to a couple of more things – computers and e-mail are probably everyone’s indispensable business tools. If you run a business or do some kind of craft, having a website where people can also buy your products is also a necessity. Not to mention the fact that buyers’ habits have completely changed in these two years. Everybody buys online now.

So, if you have these tools needed for online shopping, you have to maintain them. We sharpen knives for a reason because blunt ones are really of no use to us. Equally, a non-optimized website or web store doesn’t serve its purpose – it doesn’t serve you as a sales tool. Hence the importance of testing it.

If you’re interested in how the testing process goes, you can find more information here. The rest of this article will state all the reasons why you should perform these tests. But, before we do, let’s explain a bit more about eCommerce.

What is it?


It covers a really wide range of terms and includes every online transaction. This means everything from internet banking and services, to online ticket sales for various events, and sites like eBay where you buy various things.

However, this term is mostly related to online commerce as such, which is not surprising given that this form of shopping has the fastest growth in Europe and the world. Just as we said in the introduction part, given the circumstances, everyone shops online. So, having eCommerce has never been more relevant than now.

It is also internet shopping


We live in a time when the world has gone mad with digital currencies, and online shopping is no longer a nightmare, thanks to different types of software testing and security protocols. But in the very beginning, like all news involving money and its exchange, it aroused much doubt and raised many questions about its safety.

With the establishment of various protocols for increasing security when it comes to credit cards and the emergence of online payment services, doubts have been somewhat reduced, so today more and more people consider online shopping an easier way to shop. Although there are people who trust stores that have physical outlets more, the research showed that only the presence of a web store increases sales in physical stores as well.

Just like in traditional business, there are several types of stores in this online version. The first is oriented from the trader to the consumer and is the most widespread. The second refers to a transaction between companies, which includes the resale of goods.

The third, more and more frequent, takes place between the consumers themselves, who offer each other different products on a certain platform. eBay is one of the most recognizable examples of such a store, just like all transactions that take place through online ads on specialized sites.

Having a functional eStore has never been more important than today…

Below are all the reasons why internet shops are the best option for your business:

  • It’s an additional sales channel – if you already have classic retail stores, why not give e-commerce a chance as another sales channel that will reach new potential customers.
  • Your competition is already there – while you’re thinking someone is already taking full advantage of the online marketplace and positioning themselves, and the longer you’re out of the game the harder it will be for you to get involved.
  • Location, availability – through the online store you can reach customers who are physically distant from you, deliver on the territory of the whole world.
  • No retail – good online sales can allow you to sell exclusively online and thus optimize costs and business.
  • Saving storage costs – storage costs are significant for any company that trades in goods, online sales bring significant savings, as well as other savings – employment, space, lease.
  •  save time for the customer – the most important thing you can do for your customer is to save him time because time is the most valuable resource. Buying from the comfort of their home and fast delivery, for an educated customer it is easy to buy online.

The importance of testing


After reading everything above, and being aware of how important online presence is for any business, one also has to know that in order for everything to go smoothly, it also has to work well. And it can only be functional and work well if it is tested on time. So, here are all the reasons why it’s important to test your software:

  • Software testing is needed to point out flaws and mistakes made during the development phase
  • It is important because it ensures the reliability and satisfaction of your buyers who will use it.
  • It is very important in ensuring product quality. A quality product delivered to customers helps them gain their trust.
  • Testing is needed to deliver a quality product to end-users that requires lower maintenance costs and results in accurate, consistent, and reliable results.
  • Testing is necessary for the effective execution of a software application.
  • It is important to ensure that the application does not cause any flaws as flaws will be expensive to pay for in later stages of development

All the above state reasons will influence your sales and your profit. People like to buy from stores that enable the buying process to be fast, so removing all the things that do not function in time, is super important. Therefore, before launching your eStore, hire a good professional to test everything, and make sure it works perfectly.