There are a ton of people who claim to be experts out there when it comes to Facebook marketing with ManyChat and others. But no matter how much someone claims that they are ManyChat marketing experts, they can’t always compete with those who are in terms of information, and that’s exactly why Smart Bot Marketers came into existence. In this article, we’ll tell you about what ManyChat is, and what Smartbot marketers actually do for you in order to help you get the best guide so you can easily market on your Facebook messenger yourself.

What Makes a ManyChat Expert?

Anyone with the right training, and actual proof of expertise can be considered or say they’re an expert, but how do they prove it? Well, obviously with the amount of work that they can do for you matters, and the more they know and can explain to you about the process is true, but what about the companies that they’ve helped in their time and the success stories? Things like this are also important. You can look anywhere for training, and even get tutorials on YouTube, but think about their marketing strategies.


If someone actually has excellent marketing strategies themselves, they post regular content, and they offer a training course for a better price than what it would cost you in the regular market to get this type of training (training in marketing strategies like this can cost you thousands of dollars at a business school or trade school), then that is a purified ground with visual proof to back it up that this company knows what they’re doing.

What about Reputation?

With ManyChat, you can also build an online reputation for your company by answering questions for your customers, giving them excellent customer support as well. Just like answering services work for you, you can program your bot to do the same and therefore put the technical support in the customers hands in an automation process.


Marketing the Future

With the chatbot market rising, business is expected to grow even more and be one of the world’s biggest marketing channels (if not the largest), by the next 5 years. It’s anticipated that as more and more companies have started utilizing the automation process, their businesses can continue to thrive and earn more passively. Just like drop shipping stores on Spotify, these automated marketing agents can make a user feel like you are treating them like a person with ManyChat even though they’re talking to a bot. Not only this, but with UX (user experience) being a very strongly growing field, programs like this actually help make everyone learn and know the basic of the US engineering process.


So, What Does an Expert Provide?

A ManyChat expert will provide tons of content for you if they’re a real expert. They didn’t get anywhere by not using this marketing tool, and if they did, you’d know it. If you get offered training and tutorials at unbelievable prices (like a $10 course, etc.), then you may want to watch out, as these types of scammers offer millions of dollars, overnight success, etc. and that’s not the way business works. With programs like Smartbot Marketers, you can ensure that you’ll get the proper training, learn how to perform the automation from real experts who know and have used automation training and expertise in numerous fields, not just online, and you’ll even be able to incorporate your own ideas and bring them into reality.