As a business owner, if there is one thing you do not want to take lightly, it is the security of your business property. The security concern is greater when you are on a vacation. As such, it is important to secure your business in your absence by making it as safe as possible and to protect yourself from any unpleasant surprises. Disregarding your property before leaving for a vacation can easily become bait for thieves. While leaving the lights turned on in one of the rooms, or leaving a turned-on radio or asking your neighbors to look after the business premise are still prevalent techniques, there are modern instruments that can significantly important for the security of your business. Commercial Alarm Monitoring is one of the most widely used security systems by businesses these days. Commercial Alarm Monitoring alerts you and the security department it is linked to if any suspicious incident takes place at your premise. We have listed some commercial safety and security tips that will multiply the security of your business.

  • Turn off all space heaters and electrical appliances

Before going on vacation, some checks are necessary. Do not forget to unplug some electrical appliances and especially cut the heater in case of prolonged absence. All electrical appliances have their own resistance capacity. Some, when left unattended for several days, might get over-heated and short-out which can cause a fire in your business premise. Lightning can also cause electrical disturbances and alter your electrical devices. To protect the sensitive devices to these variations (computer, television, etc.) we strongly advise you to disconnect them before your departure.

  • Smart Lighting

When you go on vacation, leave your outside lights on or off can be a tricky situation. While most of the burglar activities take because of the lack of proper lighting, a constantly lit porch or facade is an obvious symbol of your absence. A good tip for lighting, when needed, is to invest in a timer or in a lighting system with motion detector. Some models offer pre-programmed settings that give outsiders the illusion that you are at home. Installing such a lighting system minimizes the risk of burglary.

  • Properly lock the Doors and Windows

First of all, before leaving, you need to make sure that your windows are reliable since it is through them that the majority of thieves sneak inside. Also, check the state of the lock on your door. If it seems fragile and a shoulder blow is enough to open it, change it! You can choose a protected key that can only be reproduced by presenting a card supplied with the lock or install a multipoint lock with several anchor points.

  • Inform land-owner/ neighboring business owners

In case of prolonged absence, tell your neighboring business owners of your absence. If you are renting the premise, you can also inform the landlord or a member of your family who will then be able to pass by your business place to keep watch. You can also notify someone you trust to pick up the mail because an overflowing mailbox is also an indication of absence for the burglars. Or, you can choose locking mailboxes. This review can help you.

Alternatively, you can also ask your nearest Post Office to keep your mail until you return.

  • Inform local law enforcement

Before going on vacation, remember to report your departure to the police or local law enforcement. Police can monitor your premise during their daily patrols. In the event of an attempted break-in, you will be warned so that you can act as quickly as possible and limit the damage suffered.

  • Utilize Alarm Monitoring

One of the most important ways to solve a problem is to install a modern security system. The modern security services market offers a variety of solutions which are available to everyone. Installing an alarm system limits the risk of burglary and unwanted events. Sensors and monitoring devices monitor situations such as intruders, fire and water leakage. In the event of any situation, you and monitoring station is informed about the type of alarm. Monitoring station then informs the police. For greater reliability, sensors can be equipped with a photo confirmation function — when an alarm occurs, a series of photographs are taken and transmitted to the monitoring center. This allows you to accurately estimate the degree of seriousness of the situation.

  • Move valuables to a secured location

Putting valuables as if they are at the exhibition can also intimidate burglars. Expensive equipment should not be on display or near the window. Do not forget to hide the ladder or any climbing tool before leaving for a vacation.

  • Check fire protection system

To keep your business safe, please ensure that the fire protection system of your business premise is working. You can partner with some fire protection company that provides routine check and maintenance service. You should also secure your important belongings by hiding it in a safe that is not harmed by fire.

We hope that these tips will help you secure your business and let you enjoy your vacation.