Upgrading the features of your house with home automation technology is as easy as trading your old mobile phone for the latest model. It is easier than taking on an extensive house improvement project and can make your house sell quicker. Even though the return on investment is good, it is non-monetary advantages like these that are attracting so many house owners to turn to smart upgrades.

For those who aren’t aware of smart houses, a house is considered to be smart if it is a residence equipped with smart devices that allows remote operation. A smart house is intended to enhance quality of life, offer maximum convenience, and boost efficiency for the family members residing in it.

While residing in a smart house, you will feel the comfort that you cannot experience in any standard house. From turning off the lights with voice commands to locking the door with a simple tap, you will be able to achieve the most out of your energy and time for the devices and tasks that matter the most to you.

How Does Smart Tech Boost Your Home Value?

1. Safety And Security

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Smart devices offer stronger protection to your house. For most of them, both safety and security is the most crucial deciding factor that counts while purchasing a home, despite the concern of if it is for residential or commercial purposes. Smart devices like video doorbells, door locks, security cameras, and others remarkably enhance a home’s security system incredibly thereby offering control to the house owner.

A study reveals that 90 percent of homeowners viewed family as well as home security to be the major reason for establishing a smart house or purchase one in the first place. A home that is already equipped with smart devices is more likely to attract house buyers than those with traditional equipment.

Through a smart lock installation, your house is equipped with a feature that is even harder to hack or break into. With the installation of smart plugs or smart lights, you will be able to enjoy these features and develop a look that you are at home despite being away for personal reasons. These are just a few instances. However, it is easy to see how smart devices offer simple and advanced security systems for your house.

2. Convenience And Comfort

Most people believe that home automation technology presents an even more convenient and plush lifestyle. It can be entertainment techs such as smart TVs and built-in headphones or the ability to monitor blinds and lighting with your android phone.

Either way, people are commonly looking for quick and comfortable benefits that home automation technology can offer. While choosing simple smart devices, most people still prefer visible benefits.

Many people are using at least one smart device like thermostats, security devices, lighting control, speakers, and so on. Once the switch has been made to a smart device, then it is difficult to not continue investing in the latest smart devices.

3. Energy Efficiency

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The other reason why smart technology boosts the value of your house is the use of various smart devices that allow you to save on energy consumption like smart plugs, smart lighting, smart thermostats, and smart homes appliances amongst others.

By comparing the electric consumption of smart homes with other houses, you can show your potential buyers that your home is price-worthy in terms of long-term value. With most of the smart devices capable of switching off automatically when not in use, these devices also feature energy-efficient components.

Further, these smart devices usually need less energy than standard devices. If homebuyers realize that they can cut down a significant amount of electric as well as water cost every month by choosing a smart house, they are likely driven to make a purchase.

4. Time-Saving

With smart homes, people will be able to save more money by consuming energy. Apart from that, smart homes also save your time. For instance, you are no longer required to do a specific task by yourself like setting the temperature inside your house, locking the door, or turning on the oven

With the wide range of automation that smart devices offer, you can boost your productivity thereby spending more time on other important things like having dinner instead of preparing it or spending the saved time with your family and friends. Smart homes prevent you from getting frustrated, allowing you to focus on the important things in life.

How Motorised Window Treatments Add Value To Your Home

1. Comfort

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Opening and closing your blinds and shades is easy enough. However, how much of your time are you spending to raise them every morning and lower them every night?

With the introduction of smart technology, it is easy and quick to operate the window treatments with a simple tap of an app. Also, they are more user-friendly compared to climbing a ladder every single time when you want to lower the upper blinds.

2. Energy Efficiency

Lowering window treatments during summers blocks the sunlight from overheating the room. During winters, opening the window treatments lets the house owner capture natural solar heat. Both the situations drop the energy load on the HVAC system which is particularly relevant in this energy-conscious world.

3. Protection Against UV Rays

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The sun’s harmful UV rays can prove to be damaging for furnishings, artworks, area rugs, and wooden flooring. Secure your house furnishings from fading by adjusting the blinds/shades on a timer. Your investments will not go in vain as the blinds/shades will remain closed during the brightest part of the day.

4. Safety and Security

An effective way of protecting your house from trespassing and intrusion when you are away is by making it look as though it is occupied. Opening and closing window treatments at a scheduled time or operating them from anywhere offers an empty home with a lived-in notion. When you are at the house, privacy is the key.

Closing all the window treatments with a simple tap of a button helps you in accomplishing privacy easily. Also, motorized window treatments mitigate the presence of any cords which makes them an excellent option for households with kids.

Bottom Line

If you are planning to sell your house or have thoughts of selling it near in the future, then consider choosing motorized window treatments. You would want to demonstrate to the potential buyers that your house is worth more than the bare minimum requirements. Swapping tacky-looking and cheap window treatments with slim and classic ones helps create a better impression.