A successful brand can generate a consistent profit by selling products or services. And to achieve that, businesses need to employ effective marketing strategies that can attract and sustain customers’ attention, leading to conversion. And one of the ways to do it is through the power of social media platforms.

Instagram, for instance, is one of the most popular platforms today, with over 1 billion active users. This platform can provide businesses with an excellent opportunity to strengthen their brand, promote products or services and reach a large audience. Don’t miss an opportunity like that and buy likes on Instagram from reliable marketing services carefully picked out for you by Business-Review to use Instagram to its full potential. After all, it is a powerhouse of influencers, creative content, and high-quality visuals. And to sum it up, it can be one of the perfect places to start or boost your bottom line.

But how can businesses use Instagram to increase sales? Here are some helpful ways to keep in mind:

Leverage The Power Of Hashtags

It’s no secret that hashtags are one of the most effective ways to reach a broader audience on Instagram. By using relevant hashtags, you can extend the reach and influence of your posts and ensure that your content is seen by people who are interested in what you have to offer.

So how do you find the right hashtags to use? Here are a few tips:

Do your research

Before you start using hashtags, it’s vital to do your research first. And brainstorming a list of relevant keywords can be a good place to start. You can also use a hashtag generator tool to find popular and relevant hashtags. There are many online resources like WP Dev Shed that can help you choose the right tool and apps for your needs.

Check out your competition

Consider finding out which hashtags are being used by your competitors and other businesses in your industry. This strategy can give you an idea of which ones are popular and relevant to your business and target market. And from there, you can then think of ways to use them in a unique way.

Think quality over quantity

Don’t just stuff your posts with a bunch of hashtags. This will only make your content look spammy and may turn off potential customers. Instead, focus on quality over quantity. Use a mix of popular, relevant, and niche hashtags to reach a wider audience without looking like you’re trying too hard.

Monitor your performance

Once you start using hashtags, it’s essential to monitor your performance. Track the engagement rate of your posts and see which hashtags generate the most interaction. This approach can help you fine-tune your strategy and use the most effective hashtags for your business.

Use Instagram Ads

You want your brand to be in front of as many people as possible. One approach that can help you achieve this is to use Instagram Ads. According to surveys, around 50% of viewers take some action or feel more interested after seeing an ad.

To help you get started, here are various types of Instagram Ads you can use to your advantage:

Story ads

If you want to create less intrusive and more interactive ads, you can use story ads. These are short, full-screen videos or images that generally disappear after 24 hours. This tactic can effectively promote time-sensitive content, such as sales, events, or new product launches. Just be creative in your story ideas to capture your audience’s attention.

Carousel ads

These let you showcase up to 10 images or videos in a single ad. Each has its unique headline, description, and call-to-action button. This can be ideal for sharing detailed information about your product or service.

Collection ads

Source: newsfeed.org

This ad format allows you to feature a group of products, which customers can browse without leaving the social media platform. When they see something they like, they can tap on it and be redirected to your website to make a purchase.

IGTV ads

Instagram TV (IGTV) is a 15-second video content that you can post on your feed or as a story. You can use it to post long-form, vertical videos. This platform is perfect for promoting how-to videos, product demonstrations, or customer testimonials. This can be an excellent platform to increase brand awareness and bring in new leads.

Video ads

As the name suggests, video ads are short videos that play automatically in your feed. You can use this to show off your products or services in action. This method can be a great way to capture your target market’s attention and get them interested in what you offer.

These are just a few ad strategies you can use to reach your target market and increase sales. Moreover, you can also get the most out of these ads on your Instagram blog. But if you haven’t started blogging yet, perhaps, this may be the time to start.

Collaborate With Influencers

Since Instagram is a powerful marketing tool used by influencers, it’s no surprise that businesses are using this platform to collaborate with them. After all, influencers have a massive following of engaged users. You can tap into their audience and promote your products or services by teaming up. Just make sure that the influencer is a good fit for your brand and aligns with your vision.

But how to choose the right influencer for your needs? Below are a few things you can consider:

Source: thejakartapost.com

Size of followers

  • The number of followers is one metric to measure an influencer’s reach. It’s also best not just to focus on the quantity but also the quality of their followers. Make sure that they are relevant to your target market.

Engagement rate

  • This factor measures an influencer’s ability to generate interaction with their posts. A high engagement rate indicates that their followers are highly interested in the content they produce. That means their content quality is good, and they have a strong influence over their followers.


  • When looking for an influencer to collaborate with, make sure they align with your brand. The content, values, style, and target market should be a good match and relevant to what you do and what you’re selling. Otherwise, you won’t be able to reach your target market effectively.

These are a few factors that you should consider when looking for an influencer to work with. Additionally, don’t forget to set a budget, negotiate the terms of the collaboration, and agree on a fair price.

Run A Contest

No doubt, running a contest or promo can be one of the effective and interactive ways to increase sales and boost brand awareness. Not to mention, this can also be an excellent way to generate leads. After all, who doesn’t love freebies, right?

To run your contest more successfully, consider the following tips:

Source: sproutsocial.com

Make it easy to join

  • Don’t make the mechanics too complicated. Create rules that are easy to follow and make it simple for people to join. The easier it is, the more likely you’ll get more participants.

Create a sense of urgency

  • Use words like “act now” or “limited time only” to create a sense of urgency. This approach can prompt people to take action and join your contest right away.

Select appropriate awards

  • When running a contest or promotional strategy, choose a relevant prize for your products or services. It should also be something that your target market would love to have. Doing so can help ensure that you attract the right participants and boost your sales in the long run.


Utilizing Instagram to increase sales can be a smart move for any business. Considering its massive user base and high engagement rate, it’s a platform with huge potential. With that in mind, follow the guidelines above and start harnessing the power of Instagram to boost your revenue and grow your business.