It is public knowledge that throughout the last years, the applicants are also required to send their resumes before having an interview with the employee. Resumes are usually 1-2 paged documents summarizing the professional skills of the individual.

A visually appealing resume might help you stand out from the crowd. It may assist you in leaving a good impression and eventually obtaining the desired job.

This article discusses some effective tips and tricks that will help you build an amazing and attractive resume.

Using Programming Projects and tools

While some years ago, you were obliged to create your resume on your own, there are plenty of attractive, aesthetic templates on the Internet that would not even require any money. ResumeGiants can assist you in getting an attractive one, just within several minutes, without even putting much effort.

Choosing the Best Font Size

One of the common mistakes people usually make is choosing the wrong font size. Imagine you as a reader: the too small font is hard to read, too big font is not convenient, right? Keeping that in your mind, you should choose a font size that is neither big nor small. Usually, the most accepted size is 10-12, so next time you create your resume, or while reviewing it, make sure that it is readable enough in terms of the size of the font.

Choosing a Readable Font

Another way to make the resume attractive as well as readable is by using a font that will be not only luxurious and beautiful but also easy to understand. Although a resume needs to be appealing, you should not waste all your effort on the design as it is a document describing your professional skills. So, keep in mind to choose a simple and easy-readable font.

Using Bullet Points


If you want to talk about your work experience, writing long paragraphs would surely not be the best option. Instead, try using bullet points. This is because, this way, you will be able to draw attention to the main information you want to share with the reader. The usage of bullet points is another way to improve the readability of your resume.

Using numbers instead of letters

If you want to talk about how many years you have been working in a certain position, it would be more efficient to use numbers instead of using letters. This is because it will help you emphasize the information you want to tell even more.

Removing too personal information

Sometimes, many people think of the resume as their document, not because they would put their professional skills on the top. Some people tend to put their pictures, address, religion, and marital status on their CV, which is obviously unnecessary information. So, if you made this mistake on your resume, don’t forget to correct it.

Keeping it short

Take your example; will you read a 10-page resume? Your answer is most probably no, right? In reality, keeping the resume short is a great way to stand out from the crowd. Keep in mind that the employees or HR specialists, etc., are not only reading your resume. More than 1000 people can apply for the same job, so make sure to be as precise as possible.

Using headings


One of the best ways to separate one piece of information from the other one would be essential for you to use headings. The usage of headings can help the reader find their desired information within a second. Some of the main titles you will undoubtedly need to include “Education,” “Work Experience,” “Skills,” and some more.

Spelling and Grammar

No matter how many working years you have or how relevant your skills are, always proofread the resume. Many spelling and grammar mistakes would tell the employee that you are not attentive to details, which, in most cases, is a must-need for each job. The employee would also doubt whether you are literate enough or not. So, if you are not sure about a certain thing, you can put it on an online grammar and spelling checker website and get a desirable result.

Relevant E-mail address

Some of you might relate to the situation of creating an email address that would not just be your full name but also have some funny additional syllables. Because you will also be required to provide your email address, keep it serious and make it sound professional. By way of illustration, would surely not be the best version; on the other hand, you can include your name and surname and a number as it would look better that way.

Consider the right format

The PDF file type is some of the wide-accepted types of formatting for your document. This is one of the easiest ways, as the employee will not need to download any other applications to access your resume. In most cases, if the employee finds it hard to open the resume, the possibility of not opening is higher. So, do not risk it and go with the easy option.

Keyword research


In most cases, if the keywords of your resume do match with the one given by the hiring organization, the chances of getting an interview are higher, so, through doing a little bit of research, you can come up with the best keywords, potentially highering the level of getting an interview.

Putting it in a nutshell, a resume plays a huge role in our lives. An appealing resume can help you get the job you want, while several basic mistakes in your resume can disturb you. This article summed up some of the essential tips you need to know while creating your resume. Choosing the best font and size, using bullet points and templates, removing unnecessary information, and keeping the resume short, will be more likely for you to be hired- if you follow all the mentioned strategies, a positive reply from the employee would not make you wait for a long time.