If you’ve been happily employed at the same job for several years just know that you are one of a few & rare ones. People all over the world have to update their resumes on a monthly basis to better their chances of landing a job, or at least a job interview.

However & on the opposite spectrum, being with one company for several years can result in your resume collecting dust and looking outdated. This is why it is crucial to spice it up and update it with any small or big improvements and changes that happen over time. Keep on reading and find out all there’s to it.

10 Reasons you Should update your resume for every job

1. You did something new

Resumes are not a tool to use only when you need to consider a new work or a job. You can spice them up and switch up what’s written through your new changes, such as new professional goals. Any big or small milestones can be included, even if they don’t go in line with your current profession. Encourage yourself to always do & include new things in your life. They are a good distraction, a great hobby & a cherry on top for your future job/jobs.

2. Career change possibility

Despite your age or your current career goal, it is possible to dream big and reach for new ideas. Check, go through & update your resume to get rid of irrelevant information that’s been piling up. In most cases, your first job & history of employment will drastically change, which is a common move, so touch it up and make adjustments.

3. You have mastered a brand new skill


For people who like to dip their toes into different fields, categories & opportunities – update your CV with a new skill set. You can even create or go for a separate section of skill-based features that you can highlight within your CV. New skills of any sort are more than welcome! The more diverse it looks, the better the chances of you landing a new job.

4. Goal change, new ideas

Goals change for a lot of people, which is why you should update every new thought that comes to your mind & act on it immediately. New interests can also change your perspective and how you apply to new jobs. Goals change within 2-3 years and during one solid and stable job just after experiencing full shifts, so no wonder most people wish to experiment. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a change.

5. New education level


A lot of companies love to see it! Getting your degree in something new or educating yourself on a new topic is more than desirable, especially for fast-paced & modern companies who are always trying to improve themselves. In case you attended a new course or attained a new degree course (no matter how short or long it may be) you should include it since you can get someone’s attention. As long as if it is credited – it works!

6. You are always prepared & ready for a change

You should always be swift, quick on your feet & prepared for something new since plenty of opportunities could come along unexpectedly. If you have some spare time & you are not too busy with current tasks or your job – update your resume. Emergencies happen more often than you’d think, so why not be prepared for them & that potential dream job post?

7. In case you get fired


Every candidate must be prepared for the worst outcome & scenario – getting fired overnight and unexpectedly. No need or reason to overthink it or get depressed since a new job opportunity may present itself even sooner and it may be just around the corner! Keep on adding skills and achievements regularly, and you could land a job interview within the same week as when you got fired.

8. A quick send message

If someone spots your profile on a webpage, a blog, or LinkedIn while being on the lookout for new employees, they may hit you up. This is where they will ask you about your mail or your new updated resume within the 24-hour time frame. You never know when the opportunity is going to find you and present itself.

9. For a promotion


Promotions happen often & when you least expect them to. This is why you should keep your eyes & ears wide open. Add professional credits and be ready for that potential promotion. You will act accordingly, properly & swiftly, making you stand out from the rest of the employees.

10. In case of awards

Loads of different awards & surprises can happen within a company, especially during holiday seasons. If someone reaches out to you and asks for your brilliant work & your history, you would want to present it and showcase it the best way possible, right? Shine some light upon your achievements and get the level of recognition you deserve.

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